Jake Fakes It; Grandpa Flies Again; The Metropolitans Take Charge | Middle Grade Fiction

staffArroyo, Raymond. Will Wilder: The Lost Staff of Wonders. Bk. 2. Listening Library. ISBN 9781524709594. Read by Raymond Arroyo.
Grades 3–7—The second book of the series presents another exciting and dangerous mission for adventurer Will Wilder. When the storied Staff of Moses—responsible for summoning the plagues of ancient Egypt—vanishes from the museum in Perilous Falls, Will is suspect number one. Desperate to prove his innocence and stop the terrors from being unleashed upon the town, he races to locate the thief and unmask the hidden evil before it is too late.

Goodman, Carol. The Metropolitans. Listening Library. ISBN 9781524755409. Reader TBA.
Grades 3–7—On the very December day in 1941 that Japan bombs Pearl Harbor, four brave 13-year-olds—Madge, Joe, Kiku, and Walt—are summoned by an eccentric curator to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to track down the hidden pages of the Kelmsbury Manuscript, an ancient book of Arthurian legends, hidden deep in the museum’s collection. It not only has mysterious powers all its own, it holds the key that will prevent a second attack on American soil.

Kelly, Erin Entrada. Hello, Universe. Harper Audio. ISBN 9780062661654. Read by Bahni Turpin.
Gr. 3–7—In one day, four lives weave together in unexpected ways. Virgil Salinas is shy and kindhearted and feels out of place in his crazy-about-sports family. Valencia Somerset, who is deaf, is smart, brave, and secretly lonely, and she loves everything about nature. Kaori Tanaka is a self-proclaimed psychic, whose little sister, Gen, is always following her around. And Chet Bullens wishes the weird kids would just stop being so different so that he can concentrate on basketball. They aren’t friends, at least not until Chet pulls a prank that traps Virgil and his pet guinea pig at the bottom of a well. This disaster leads Kaori, Gen, and Valencia on an epic quest to find the missing Virgil. Sometimes four can do what one cannot.

kingMore, Steve. King of the Bench: No Fear! Harper Audio. ISBN 9780062661692. Reader TBA.
Gr. 3–7—Steve and his friends are excited to try out for the Spiro T. Agnew Middle School baseball team. The only problem is, after watching another player get beaned by a fastball, Steve has developed a serious case of bean-o-phobia—the fear of getting hit by a pitch. If Steve ever wants to get off the bench and get in the game, he’s going to have to muster up some courage—and fast.

Park, Linda Sue. Cavern of Secrets. (Wing & Claw, Bk. 2). Harper Audio. ISBN 9780062661630. Read by Graham Halstead.
Gr. 3–7—In the second installment of the “Wing & Claw” series, Newbery Medal–winning author Park takes young apothecary hero Raffa Santana from the harsh wilderness of the Sudden Mountains back home, where his parents will help him fight against the vile Chancellor who has captured and altered the wild creatures of the Forest of Wonders. Along the way, he will discover a luminous plant that might be the key to saving the creatures stuck in the Chancellor’s grasp…if only Raffa can unlock the plant’s secrets and deliver the cure to the captive animals.

Robinson Craig & Adam Mansbach. Jake the Fake Keeps It Real. Listening Library.
ISBN 97815247213-9. Reader TBA.
Grades 3–7—For fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, comedian/film star Robinson and New York Times best-selling author Mansbach team up for a funny new series for boys about Jake—a wise-cracking kid who faked his way into a gifted and talented middle school for music! But he’s no musician, just a jokester who’s got to figure out a way to survive middle school.

Walliams, David. Grandpa’s Great Escape. Harper Audio. ISBN 9780062661548. Read by David Walliams, Nitin Ganatra, and Michael Gambon.
Gr 3–6—Grandpa is Jack’s favorite person in the world. It doesn’t matter that he wears his slippers to the supermarket, serves Spam à la Custard for dinner, and often doesn’t remember Jack’s name. But then Grandpa starts to believe he’s back in World War II, when he was a Spitfire fighter pilot, and he’s sent to live in an old folk’s home run by the sinister Matron Swine. Now it’s up to Jack to help Grandpa plot a daring escape!

White, J.A. The Thickety: Well of Witches. Harper Audio. ISBN 9780062417381. Read by Moira Quirk.
Gr 3–6—Neil Gaiman fans might appreciate this third novel in the twisty fantasy series in which Kara and Taff know that only Grace Stone has the power to reverse her Last Spell on their father, and that in order to save him they have to rescue their foe from the Well of Witches first. Forgiving Grace should be the hardest part of their journey, but soon the children are confronted by creatures called the Faceless, mysteries as old as magic, and an ancient secret that threatens their very lives. Back in the World, a war against magic is brewing that endangers everyone they care about. Can Kara and Taff find Grace and make it back to their father in time?

dragons-guideYep, Laurence & Joanne Ryder. A Dragon’s Guide to Making Perfect Wishes. Bk. 3. Listening Library. ISBN 9781524721237. Reader TBA.
Grades 3–7—It is 1915, and Winnie and her wise pet dragon, Miss Drake, are at the San Francisco World’s Fair, where Winnie not only meets her great-grandfather but is on the hunt for the heart of Kubera gem. But when an odd boy starts following her, Winnie wonders if there is something more to him than meets the eye?