Billionaires and Ballots: How To Buy an Election | Presidential DVDs

Getting one last jump on the election, LJ reviews a DVD that looks at the political moneymen and how going to the polls can be a harrowing experience.

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: The Movie; A Tale of Billionaires & Ballot Bandits. 111+ min. Greg Palast, dist. by Cinema Libre Studio, 2016. DVD UPC 881394124929. $19.95. Closed-captioned. POLITICS
Voting is one of the great moments of being a citizen, yet, in the upcoming election, computer programs and nefarious billionaires will attempt to strip away the right to vote for millions of Americans, ultimately securing the White House for Donald Trump. At least that’s the opinion of fedora-wearing journalist Palast as related in his manic documentary. Viewers will either love Palast’s message or hate it, depending on which side of the political fence they reside. The film works best when it sticks to the topic of voter roll manipulation, but it veers offtrack too much, presenting a mishmash of ideas that fly at the viewer fast and frantic, muddying its main theme and creating a numbing topic exhaustion amid the onslaught of shenanigans by powerful men in suits. VERDICT As we hurtle toward the inevitable finish line of likely the longest, wackiest, and most contentious election in American history, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy goes all in on a variety of theories that will by turns infuriate or exasperate viewers, depending on whether they follow the donkey or the elephant.—Joshua Peck, Palos Verdes Lib. Dist., Rolling Hills Estates, CA

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