LJ Media Reviews: September 1, 2016

Below is a list of Audiobook and Video titles to be reviewed in the September 1, 2016, issue of Library Journal. These lists include pertinent publisher and bibliographic information for your convenience.

Starred reviews are indicated with **.

Publishers: Please remember to send us one finished copy of each book that is scheduled for review (i.e., all of the forthcoming titles listed below) if you initially submitted a galley or bound manuscript. Our reviewers are not paid, and we like to send a finished copy of the reviewed book as a thank you. Materials should be mailed to: Library Journal, 123 William Street, Suite 802, New York, NY 10038.



sweetbitter.jpg81216Alam, Rumaan. Rich and Pretty. 12 CDs. 10:45 hrs. HarperAudio. Jun. 2016. ISBN 9781504735353. $39.99. digital download. F

Billingham, Mark. Die of Shame. 11 CDs. 11:09 hrs. HighBridge. Jun. 2016. ISBN 9781681681665. $39.99. digital download. F

Danler, Stephanie. Sweetbitter. 10 CDs. 12:24 hrs. Books on Tape. May 2016. ISBN 9780399566301. $45. digital download. F

DiSclafani, Anton. The After Party. 8 CDs. 10:10 hrs. Books on Tape. May 2016. ISBN 9780147524621. $40. digital download. F

**Erens, Pamela. Eleven Hours. digital download. 5:16 hrs. Books on Tape. May 2016. ISBN 9781524721961. $47.50. F

Gowda, Shilpi Somaya. The Golden Son. 11 CDs. 14 hrs. HarperAudio. Jan. 2016. ISBN 9781504694872. $39.99. digital download. F

Hawley, Noah. Before the Fall. 10 CDs. 13 hrs. Hachette Audio. May 2016. ISBN 9781478987598. $35. digital download. F

McMillan, Terry. I Almost Forgot About You. 9 CDs. 11:13 hrs. Books on Tape. Jun. 2016. ISBN 9781101913079. $40. digital

Martin-Lugand, Agnes. Happy People Read and Drink Coffee. 4 CDs. 4:45 hrs. Recorded Bks. tr. from French by Sandra Smith. May 2016. ISBN 9781501908033. $51.75. 1 MP3-CD, digital download. F

Straub, Emma. Modern Lovers. 8 CDs. 9:02 hrs. Books on Tape. May 2016. ISBN 9780451484970. $40. digital download. F

Williams, Tad. The Dragonbone Chair. (Memory, Sorrow, & Thorn, Bk. 1). digital download. 33:14 hrs. Books on Tape. Jul. 2016. ISBN 9781524735401. $95. F


Asgedom, Mawi. Of Beetles and Angels: A Boy’s Remarkable Journey from a Refugee Camp to Harvard. 3 CDs. 3:23 hrs. Hachette Audio. Jun. 2016. ISBN 9781478967378. $15.98. digital download. MEMOIR

Boyles, Denis. Everything Explained That Is Explainable: On the Creation of the Encyclopaedia Britannica’s Celebrated Eleventh Edition, 1910–1911. 11 CDs. 13:30 hrs. HighBridge. Jun. 2016. ISBN 9781681681702. $39.99. digital download. comm

Hurley, Kameron. Geek Feminist Revolution: Essays on Subversion, Tactical Profanity, and the Power of the Media. 7 CDs. 8:30 hrs. HighBridge. May 2016. ISBN 9781622319824. $29.99. digital download. SOC SCI

Klosterman, Chuck. But What If We’re Wrong: Thinking About the Present as if It Were the Past. 8 CDs. 10:07 hrs. Books on Tape. Jun. 2016. ISBN 9780451484895. $40. digital download. SOC SCI

thegeneaudio.jpg81216**Mukherjee, Siddhartha. The Gene: An Intimate History. 16 CDs. 19:30 hrs. S. & S Audio. May 2016. ISBN 9781508211389. $49.99. digital download. SCI

Weston, J. Kael. The Mirror Test: America at War in Iraq and Afghanistan. 18 CDs. 22:25 hrs. Books on Tape. May 2016. ISBN 9780339567643. $60. digital download. HIST

**Wilber, Del Quentin. A Good Month for Murder: The Inside Story of a Homicide Squad. 7 CDs. 8 hrs. Macmillan Audio. Jun. 2016. ISBN 9781427260819. $39.99. digital download. CRIME

Wilson, Edward O. Half-Earth: Our Planet’s Fight for Life. 6 CDs. 6:45 hrs. Recorded Bks. Mar. 2016. ISBN 9781501906862. $77.75. 1 MP3-CD, digital download. SCI

Zacks, Richard. Chasing the Last Laugh: Mark Twain’s Raucous and Redemptive Around the World Comedy Tour. 14 CDs. 16:38 hrs. Books on Tape. Apr. 2016. ISBN 9780553551174. $55. digital download. LIT



**Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None. 177+ min. Craig Viveiros, Agatha Christie Prods., dist. by Acorn Media, www.acornonline.com. 2016. DVD UPC 054961246397. $34.99; Blu-ray UPC 054961248193. $34.99. F

windingstream.jpg81216Endgame. 90+ min. Carmen Marron, dist. by Shout! Factory, shoutfactory.com. 2016. DVD UPC 826663167931. $14.98; Blu-ray UPC 826663167948. $22.97. SDH subtitles. F

Intruders. 90+ min. Adam Schindler, dist. by Momentum Pictures, www.momentumpictures.net. 2016. DVD UPC 741952810094. $24.98. Rated: R. F/HORROR

The Irish R.M: The Complete Collection. 6 discs. 16+ hrs. Robert Chetwyn & others, dist. by Acorn Media, www.acornonline.com. 2016. DVD ISBN 9781621724544. $59.99. SDH subtitles. F/TV

The Slap. 3 discs. 450+ min. Jessica Hobbs & others, dist. by Acorn Media, www.acornonline.com. 2015. DVD ISBN 9781621724407. $39.99. SDH subtitles. F


The New Rijksmuseum. 131 min. In Dutch, English, French, & Spanish w/English subtitles. Oeke Hoogendijk, dist. by First Run Features, www.firstrunfeatures.com. 2015. DVD UPC 720229916745. $27.95. ART-GENERAL

The Ritchie Blackmore Story. color & b/w. Alan Ravenscroft, dist. by Eagle Rock Entertainment, www.eagle-rock.com. 2016. DVD UPC 801213072590. $14.98; Blu-ray UPC 801213352098. $19.98. MUSIC

**The Winding Stream: The Carters, the Cashes and the Course of Country Music. color & b/w. 90+ min. Beth Harrington, dist. by Virgil Films, www.virgilfilmsent.com. 2016. DVD UPC 829567118528. $19.99. Closed-captioned. MUSIC

Chaplains: On the Front Lines of Faith. 117+ min. Martin Doblmeier, dist. by Virgil Films, www.virgilfilmsent.com. 2016. DVD UPC 829567119723. $19.99. Closed-captioned. REL


everyday.jpg81216**Every Day Is a Holiday. color & b/w. 56 min. w/Chinese subtitles (please specify). Theresa Loong, www.everydayisaholiday.org. 2015. DVD $49.95–$295. Public performance; home version $24.95. BIOG/HIST

The Secret Life of Your Clothes. 59 min. Andy Wells, dist. by Bullfrog Films, www.bullfrogfilms.com. 2015. DVD ISBN 9781941545515. $295 (Rental: $95). Public performance; SDH subtitles. BUS/INT AFFAIRS

Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart. 98+ min. Jeremiah Zagar, dist. by KimStim c/o Icarus Films, www.icarusfilms.com. 2015. DVD UPC 698452211732. $29.99. Closed-captioned. CRIME

The American Dream: Fighting the Lying Liars One Stupid Lie at a Time! 30 min. Tad Lumpkin & Harold Uhl, dist. by Dreamscape, www.dreamscapeab.com. 2016. DVD UPC 857063005912. $19.99; public performance $199.99. ECON

Bonnie and Clyde: ’Til Death Do Us Part. color & b/w. 60 min. John Maggio, dist. by PBS, shoppbs.org. 2016. DVD ISBN 9781627895897. $24.99. SDH subtitles. HIST/BIOG

We Are the Ones. 62 min. Michael Skinner & Jon Michael Shink, dist. by Passion River, www.passionriver.com. 2016. DVD UPC 888295305563. $59.95. INT AFFAIRS

The Sex Temple. 81 min. In Swedish w/English subtitles. Johan Palmgren, dist. by Dreamscape Video, www.dreamscapeab.com. 2016. DVD UPC 857063005806. $19.99; public performance $199.99. SOC SCI

Welcome to Leith. color & b/w. 86+ min. Michael Beach Nichols & Christopher K. Walker, dist. by First Run Features, www.firstrunfeatures.com. 2016. DVD UPC 720229916837. $24.95. SDH subtitles. SOC SCI

Bikes vs Cars. 91+ min. In English, Portuguese, & Spanish w/English subtitles. Fredrik Gertten, dist. by Alive Mind c/o Kino Lorber, www.kinolorber.com. 2016. DVD UPC 738329204471. $24.95. TRANSPORTATION


Trees in Trouble: Saving America’s Urban Forests. 27 min. Andrea Torrice, dist. by Bullfrog Films, www.bullfrogfilms.com. 2015. DVD ISBN 9781941545478. $250 (Rental: $85). Public performance; SDH subtitles. ENVIRONMENT

**The Messenger: Imagine a World Without Birdsong. 90+ min. Su Rynard, dist. by Alive Mind c/o Kino Lorber, www.kinolorber.com. 2016. DVD UPC 738329204396. $29.95; Blu-ray UPC 738329205232. $34.95. NAT HIST

**Dreams Rewired. color & b/w. 85 min. Manu Luksch & others, dist. by Icarus Films, homevideo.icarusfilms.com. 2016. DVD UPC 854565001886. $29.98. Closed-captioned. TECH/FILM

Trailers: What’s Coming on DVD/Blu-ray

American Masters: Norman Lear. 90+ min. dist. by PBS. Oct. 2016. DVD UPC 841887029353. $24.99; Blu-ray UPC 841887029360. $29.99. TV

Be Somebody. 88+ min. Joshua Caldwell, dist. by Paramount Home Entertainment. Oct. 2016. DVD UPC NA. $29.99. DRAMA 

Boyhood. 2 discs. 165+ min. Richard Linklater, dist. by Criterion Collection. Oct. 2016. DVD ISBN 9781681431246. $39.95; 1-disc Blu-ray ISBN 9781681432205. $39.95. DRAMA 

carrie.jpg81216Carrie: Collector’s Edition. 2 discs. 98+ min. Brian DePalma, dist. by Shout! Factory. Oct. 2016. Blu-ray $34.93. Rated: R. HORROR 

The Infiltrator. 127+ min. Brad Furman, dist. by Broad Green Pictures. Oct. 2016. DVD UPC 025192335624. $29.99; Blu-ray UPC 025192366901. $34.99. Rated: R. CRIME DRAMA 

Pan’s Labyrinth. 2 discs. 119+ min. In Spanish w/English subtitles. Guillermo del Toro, dist. by Criterion Collection. Oct. 2016. DVD ISBN 9781681432120. $29.95; 1-disc Blu-ray ISBN 9781681432113. $39.95. DRAMA

Short Cuts. 2 discs. 187+ min. Robert Altman, dist. by Criterion Collection. Oct. 2016. DVD ISBN 9781681432212. $29.95; Blu-ray ISBN 9781681432151. $39.95. DRAMA

The Tree of Wooden Clogs. 2 discs. 186+ min. In Bergamasque w/English subtitles. Ermanno Olmi, dist. by Criterion Collection. Oct. 2016. DVD ISBN 9781681432199. $29.95; 1-disc Blu-ray ISBN 9781681432182. $39.95. DRAMA


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