Q&A: Amy Rubinate, Ideal Audiobooks

amyrubinate11515The number of audiobooks on the market has been increasing for years, but it’s nothing compared to the number of print and digital titles out there. So when narrator Amy Rubinate (Between the Lines) realized that the audio rights were available for books she loved—for example, women’s fiction and romance—she launched her own audio production company so others could love them (and hear them), too.

Why did you decide to start your own audiobook company?

I was a listener before I became a narrator, and the ability to connect with great stories and exciting ideas in the midst of a stressful life made my daily experience so much better. I wanted to give that gift to other listeners.

The name I chose for the company, Ideal Audiobooks, is based on the idea that if I could bring together the best of everything—writer, subject, narrator—for each audiobook, we could guarantee our audience a quality product and a satisfying listen every time.

idealaudiobooks11515How can libraries buy your titles?

As a lifelong avid reader, libraries have always been an important part of my life. I feel strongly that if an audiobook is worth making, it needs to be available to everyone. So our titles are available through all major digital vendors; CDs and MP3-CDs are distributed through Dreamscape.

What sets your titles apart from the other products on the market?

The Ideal Audiobooks slogan is, “Stories with heart.” We look for titles that are well written and compelling, that will entertain, delight, and enrich the lives of listeners. Our titles don’t shy away from tough topics, but you’ll find a vein of hope running through even the darkest stories. Our catalog [contains] primarily women’s fiction, lighthearted romance, and young adult and middle grade books, and we strive to bring something wonderful to listeners with each book.

How does your experience as a narrator affect the choices you make for Ideal?

I like to describe the perfect pairing of book and narrator as a kind of alchemy that can lift the words out of the page and into a new art form all their own. I try to cast narrators in that “sweet spot” of what they each do best.

I know how rewarding it is to record something that feels like a perfect fit, and I’ve seen how satisfying these pairings are for listeners. My goal in casting is to try to find that match with every book. Because I’ve listened widely for years and I know so many of the narrators well, I have a good sense of where their strengths lie. I believe that narrators do their best work with stories that resonate, so I have developed a catalog of which everyone involved can be proud.—Stephanie Klose, Library Journal

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