A Mystery Daphne du Maurier Might Have Written | RWA 2014

I always get such a kick when a little-known author that LJ has covered suddenly gets wider  lindallappinrecognition in the literary world. Last year, I reviewed Linda Lappin’s Signatures in Stone, an atmospheric mystery set in 1920s fascist Italy. I was intrigued by Lappin’s unreliable narrator, an opium-addicted mystery writer named Daphne DuBlanc, and the gothic setting of the eerie 16th-century sculpture garden, known as the Park of Monsters, in the village of Bomarzo. It’s the type of moody romantic suspense Daphne du Maurier might have written.

signaturesinstoneHow appropriate then that Lappin’s novel (her third after The Etruscan and Katherine’s Wish) should be honored with the 2014 Daphne du Maurier Award in the Historical Romantic Mystery/Suspense category. Sponsored by Romance Writers of America’s Kiss of Death chapter, the awards were announced this past weekend at RWA’s national conference in San Antonio, TX. Kudos to Lappin and to her publisher Pleasure Boat Studios. I already have added The Etruscan to my reading list. Also on my bucket list is a trip to Bomarzo. For a list of other RWA winners, see Bette-Lee Fox’s report.monsters mouth1


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  1. Linda Lappin says:

    Thanks Wilda. Actually Signatures in Stone not only won the historical mystery category, but the overall Daphne Du Maurier Award for best suspense/ mystery novel published in 2013. The publisher and I are thrilled as it is so hard for small press books to reach larger audiences. It’s great that Lib Journal takes note of small press efforts! I hope you have fun with The Etruscan and also hope you make it to Bomarzo soon. Let me know!