And the Murderer is…| Title of New Hercule Poirot Book Revealed

Agatha Christie may have killed off Hercule Poirot in 1975’s Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case, but come September her beloved Belgian sleuth will be resurrected in a new adventure penned by psychological thriller author Sophie Hannah with the official approval of the Christie estate. Today HarperCollins revealed the book’s title and details about the plot, and below Hannah discusses how she came to write The Monogram Murders. “I have written a novel, I hope, that really puts Poirot through his paces.”  With a blurb already from best-selling author Tana French, this intriguing mystery is bound to generate a lot of holds from Christie and Hannah fans.

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  1. This is really an exciting novel. Cant wait to read it and knows the story behind its preparation for it is an exciting one.

  2. Meagan says:

    The title of this book indicates the riddle and clues of the novel. This makes me remember symmetrical letters such as W and H in a Christie book. I’m waiting this book.