Audio Newsbriefs | February 15, 2014

Findaway World is introducing the Playaway LIGHT, a redesign of the company’s Playaway device. The new features include an LCD screen that’s three times larger than before and is backlit, a repositioned audio jack that lets the device sit comfortably in the user’s pocket or bag, a single button lock feature that’s simple to use on the go, on-screen status indicators displaying battery life and listening progress, a cleaner control panel that makes buttons simple to use without looking, and a new battery door that is easy to snap on and off. Learn more at

Findaway is also introducinljx140202webAudioNews1g Bookopotamus , an app designed to entertain book lovers while contributing to the nonprofit organization First Book, whose mission is to increase children’s access to new titles. In each round of the game, the player is presented with an audible audiobook quote and is asked to guess from which book the quote derives. The more quickly the answer is provided, the higher the score. Selections range from best sellers to the classics; players can draw on context clues to find the right answer. As an entertaining bonus, all of the game’s sound effects were verbally made by members of the Findaway World team. The app initially launched to Findaway World partners and customers during the holiday season but is now available to everyone via the Apple App Store and Google Play. The donation to First Book increases (up to $10,000 in Playaways) as more people download the app and participate. Donations will continue to accumulate through March 2014.—­Stephanie Klose

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