Wally Lamb Audiobook Event in Brooklyn

The audiobook of Wally Lamb’s latest release, We Are Water, has nine different narrators, including Lamb himself. This Saturday, eight of the nine gathered at Book Court in Brooklyn to read from the book and answer questions from the audience. We Are Water‘s audio engineer and the narrators answered questions about the process of recording and editing an audiobook while Lamb fielded questions about his work teaching writing at York Correctional Institution, a women’s prison in Connecticut, which led to a surprise appearance in the audience by the brother of one of Lamb’s former students at York (he reports that she’s doing well). Lamb also discussed meeting Columbine shooter Eric Harris’s father at a Denver-area reading of The Hour I First Believed, Lamb’s novel about a school nurse suffering from PTSD after surviving the shootings at Columbine.

Maggi-Meg Reed and Wally Lamb discuss narrating We Are Water

But the reading was the main event, with the cast of exceptional narrators reprising their roles: Maggi-Meg Reed as Anna Oh, who is about to marry a woman, art dealer Vivica; Wally Lamb as Anna’s ex-husband, Orion; Tavia Gilbert as Annie and Orion’s daughter Marissa; Therese Plummer as their other daughter Ariane; Cynthia Darlow as neighbor Ruth Fletcher; Richard Ferrone (Darlow’s real-life husband) as a pedophile, Kent; and George Guidall, who also served as emcee of the event, as a curator.

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