Short Takes | September 15, 2013

Bacon, Ellis. World’s Ultimate Cycling Races: 300 of the Greatest Cycling Events. ISBN 9780007482818. Mudge, Angela. World’s Ultimate Running Races: 500 Races, 101 Countries, Choose Your Adventure. ISBN 9780007431908. ea. vol: Harper. Sept. 2013. 512p. photos. maps. index. pap. $29.95. REF

These new guides chart the best cycling and running races, respectively, across the globe, making “choose your adventure” an apt tagline. Both are organized by country, level of difficulty, and event month. The cycling guide is easier to navigate since it lists relevant month only in entry headers, while the reader may strain to determine which month is bolded in the running volume’s hard-to-read 12-month headers. Still, these guides’ colorful maps and photographs and vibrant narratives, written by champions in the field and including essential contact information, easily overtake such flaws. VERDICT Will inspire itinerary ideas for athletes and spectators alike.

Farrell, Michael. Modern Just War Theory: A Guide to Research. Scarecrow. (Illuminations). 2013. 422p. index. ISBN 9780810883444. $100. REF

Thomas Aquinas was the first to outline criteria for a “just war,” and Christians as well as non-Christians have struggled with the concept ever since. Farrell, library director at the Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, launches this new research in religion series with an annotated bibliography of key clerical and lay works on this subject published between 1900 and 2012. Annotations are organized in sections covering the topic in general, in history, and with regard to particular wars (including the second Iraq war), international law, pacifism, realism, nuclear war and weapons, and more. An author/terms index is provided. VERDICT A catholic overview of an ongoing religious and ethical discussion. Recommended.

Gale Business Insights Handbooks of Innovation Management. Gale Cengage. Vol. 5. 2013. 335p. ed. by Miranda Herbert Ferrara. illus. bibliog. index. ISBN 9781414499307. pap. $175. REF

This fifth title in the series outlines the many pathways to innovation and the art and practice of innovation management. While a surprisingly dry compendium for such an exciting topic, the handbook’s 30 chapters offer a wealth of innovation-related information, including production-life-cycle management, crowdsourcing, and empowering employees. Each chapter also includes recommendations for further (and hopefully more inspirational) reading. A glossary is also provided. VERDICT A solid, if rather sober, primer for the business student, manager, or entrepreneur.

Grasso, John. Historical Dictionary of Football. Scarecrow. (Historical Dictionaries of Sports). 2013. 559p. bibliog. ISBN 9780810878563. $125; ebk. ISBN 9780810878570. REF

Grasso (Historical Dictionary of Tennis) acknowledges that attempting to define everything involved in football is akin to throwing a Hail Mary pass. Instead, he sets his pigskin parameters; 600 alphabetically arranged, cross-referenced entries cover a “fair representation” of both amateur (collegiate) and professional players, coaches, teams, and executives as the game has been played in North America over the last 150 years. A chronology and introduction provide context, and 16 appendixes showcase fans’ beloved gridiron data. VERDICT An essential addition to library collections with other titles in this series.

Newton, David E. The Animal Experimentation Debate: A Reference Handbook. ABC-CLIO. (Contemporary World Issues). 2013. 322p. bibliog. index. ISBN 9781610693172. $58; ebk. ISBN 9781610693189. REF

Prolific science education author Newton (Social Issues in Science and Technology) has produced an evenhanded guide to the history of animal vivisection and dissection for research purposes since ancient times and the differing perspectives that have always accompanied this practice. A variety of key policy documents and data tables are provided, and the back-of-book chronology, resources section, and index will be particularly helpful for students and researchers. VERDICT A comprehensive resource for anyone interested in animal rights and research issues.—Judy Quinn, formerly with Library Journal