Best Sellers: History of Science, September 5, 2013

November 2012 to date as identified by YBP Library Services

  1. Contagion: How Commerce Has Spread Disease
    Harrison, Mark
    Yale University Press
    2012. ISBN 9780300123579. $38
  2. Henri Poincaré: A Scientific Biography
    Gray, Jeremy
    Princeton University Press
    2012. ISBN 9780691152714. $35
  3. Recoding Gender: Women’s Changing Participation in Computing
    Abbate, Janet
    MIT Press
    2012. ISBN 9780262018067. $30
  4. The Secrets of Alchemy
    Principe, Lawrence M.
    University of Chicago Press
    2012. ISBN 9780226682952. $25
  5. The Universe Within: Discovering the Common History of Rocks, Planets, and People
    Shubin, Neil
    2013. ISBN 9780307378439. $25.95
  6. Thirst: Water and Power in the Ancient World
    Mithen, Steven J.
    Harvard University Press
    2012. ISBN 9780674066939. $25.95
  7. The Fractalist: Memoir of a Scientific Maverick
    Mandelbrot, Benoit
    2012. ISBN 9780307377357. $30
  8. Drinking Water: A History
    Salzman, James
    2012. ISBN 9781590207208. $27.95
  9. The Logician and the Engineer: How George Boole and Claude Shannon Created the Information Age
    Nahin, Paul J.
    Princeton University Press
    2013. ISBN 9780691151007. $24.95
  10. Fatal Flaws: How a Misfolded Protein Baffled Scientists and Changed the Way We Look at the Brain
    Ingram, Jay
    Yale University Press
    2013. ISBN 9780300189896. $30
  11. Newton and the Origin of Civilization
    Buchwald, Jed Z.
    Princeton University Press
    2013. ISBN 9780691154787. $49.50
  12. Curiosity: How Science Became Interested in Everything
    Ball, Philip
    University of Chicago Press
    2013. ISBN 9780226045795. $35
  13. Genes, Cells and Brains: The Promethean Promises of the New Biology
    Rose, Hilary
    2012. ISBN 9781844678815. $26.95
  14. Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal
    Roach, Mary
    W.W. Norton
    2013. ISBN 9780393081572. $26.95
  15. The Whole Story of Climate: What Science Reveals About the Nature of Endless Change
    Peters, E. Kirsten
    2012. ISBN 9781616146726. $26
  16. The Visioneers: How a Group of Elite Scientists Pursued Space Colonies, Nanotechnologies, and a Limitless Future
    McCray, W. Patrick
    Princeton University Press
    2013. ISBN 9780691139838. $29.95
  17. The Earthquake Observers: Disaster Science from Lisbon to Richter
    Coen, Deborah R.
    University of Chicago Press
    2013. ISBN 9780226111810. $35
  18. Robert Oppenheimer: A Life Inside the Center
    Monk, Ray
    2012. ISBN 9780385504072. $37.50
  19. How Everyone Became Depressed: The Rise and Fall of the Nervous Breakdown
    Shorter, Edward
    Oxford University Press
    2013. ISBN 9780199948086. $29.95
  20. William Harvey: A Life in Circulation
    Wright, Thomas
    Oxford University Press
    2012. ISBN 9780199931699. $29.95
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