Should “Tweeps” Be in the Dictionary?

“NO” and even, “NOOOOOO!” were some of the more emphatic reactions of many of Library Journal’s and Oxford University Press’s (OUP) Twitter followers who were recently posed with the question, “Should ‘tweeps’ be in the dictionary?” OUP asked the question ahead of the publisher’s June 18 webcast, hosted by Library Journal, which explored how social media affects “our view of dictionaries and the development of the English language.”

As reference editor for Library Journal, I already knew that librarians felt strongly about maintaining the quality of print dictionaries, but I didn’t quite understand that many users felt that the dictionary should catalog a kind of “ideal” English, instead of representing all the language that is in use. Many other thought-provoking ideas emerged from the approximately one-hour discussion that was moderated by Library Journal’s Josh Hadro.

Read my summary of the webcast on Oxford’s website.

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Henrietta Verma is Senior Editorial Communications Specialist at NISO, the National Information Standards Organization, Baltimore, and was formerly the reviews editor at Library Journal.