Best Sellers: Business-Economics, July 25, 2013

October 2012 to date as identified by YBP Library Services

  1. Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will To Lead
    Sandberg, Sheryl
    Alfred A. Knopf
    2013. ISBN 9780385349949. $24.95
  2. The Great Persuasion: Reinventing Free Markets Since the Depression
    Burgin, Angus
    Harvard University Press
    2012. ISBN 9780674058132. $29.95
  3. The Founders and Finance: How Hamilton Gallatin and Other Immigrants Forged a New Economy
    McCraw, Thomas K.
    Belknap: Harvard University Press
    2012. ISBN 9780674066922. $35
  4. The Land of Too Much: American Abundance and the Paradox of Poverty
    Prasad, Monica
    Harvard University Press
    2012. ISBN 9780674066526. $39.95
  5. Taxes in America: What Everyone Needs To Know
    Burman, Leonard E.
    Oxford University Press
    2012. ISBN 9780199890279. $74
  6. Freaks of Fortune: The Emerging World of Capitalism and Risk in America
    Levy, Jonathan
    Harvard University Press
    2012. ISBN 9780674047488. $35
  7. Misunderstanding Financial Crises: Why We Don’t See Them Coming
    Gorton, Gary B.
    Oxford University Press
    2012. ISBN 9780199922901. $29.95
  8. Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else
    Freeland, Chrystia
    Penguin Group (USA)
    2012. ISBN 9781594204098. $27.95
  9. A Nation of Deadbeats: An Uncommon History of America’s Financial Disasters
    Nelson, Scott Reynolds
    Alfred A. Knopf
    2012. ISBN 9780307272690. $27.95
  10. The Great Rebalancing: Trade, Conflict, and the Perilous Road Ahead for the World Economy
    Pettis, Michael
    Princeton University Press
    2013. ISBN 9780691158686. $29.95
  11. Shopping for Good
    O’Rourke, Dara
    MIT Press
    2012. ISBN 9780262018418. $14.95
  12. The $10 Trillion Prize: Captivating the Newly Affluent in China and India
    Silverstein, Michael J.
    Harvard Business Review Press
    2012. ISBN 9781422187050. $30
  13. Masters of the Universe: Hayek, Friedman, and the Birth of Neoliberal Politics
    Jones, Daniel Stedman
    Princeton University Press
    2012. ISBN 9780691151571. $35
  14. Making the European Monetary Union: The Role of The Committee of Central Bank Governors and the Origins of the European Central Bank
    James, Harold
    Belknap: Harvard University Press
    2012. ISBN 9780674066830. $35
  15. The Maid Narratives: Black Domestics and White Families in the Jim Crow South
    Van Wormer, Katherine
    Louisiana State University Press
    2012. ISBN 9780807149683. $36.95
  16. The Secret Financial Life of Food: From Commodities Markets to Supermarkets
    Newman, Kara
    Columbia University Press
    2013. ISBN 9780231156707. $26.95
  17. Beggar Thy Neighbor: A History of Usury and Debt
    Geisst, Charles R.
    University of Pennsylvania Press
    2013. ISBN 9780812244625. $39.95
  18. Founding Finance: How Debt Speculation, Foreclosures, Protests, and Crackdowns Made Us a Nation
    Hogeland, William
    University of Texas Press
    2012. ISBN 9780292743618. $20
  19. The Dawn of Innovation: The First American Industrial Revolution
    Morris, Charles R.
    Public Affairs
    2012. ISBN 9781586488284. $28.99
  20. Double Entry: How the Merchants of Venice Created Modern Finance
    Gleeson-White, Jane
    W.W. Norton
    2012. ISBN 9780393088960. $25.95
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