Fall & Winter Wonderland: Trade Titles Coming From the University Presses

In January, I posted “Spring Fling 2013: Pairings and Threesomes from University Presses,” in which upcoming trade titles from the academic presses arranged themselves (as I sat helplessly at my desk) into various categories. Now, after the next round of seasonal meetings with many academic presses, I have a new assortment to present. These are trade titles geared to the interested serious non-specialist reader. The books have again congregated according to their own whim.

Here is the first of two sets of groupings, presented alphabetically by category.  The second set will appear next week. The information I provide is based on the publishers’ catalog entries.

P.S. Rumor has it that university presses are considering abandoning the whole business of seasons in their publishing calendars. Do you think that would be a good thing?




Amish Quilts: Crafting an American Icon, by Janneken Smucker. Johns Hopkins Univ. Nov. 2013. ISBN 9781421410531. $34.95.

Johnny Mercer: Southern Songwriter for the World, by Glenn T. Eskew. Univ. of Georgia. Feb. 2014. ISBN 9780820333304. $34.95.

Sylvia Porter: America’s Original Personal Finance Columnist, by Tracy Lucht. Syracuse Univ. Nov. 2013. ISBN 9780815610298. $24.95. ebk. ISBN 9780815652496.

Upton Sinclair: California Socialist, Celebrity Intellectual, by Lauren Coodley. Univ. of Nebraska. Sept. 2013. ISBN 9780-803243828. $28.95. ebk. ISBN  9780803248434.



Sleigh Rides, Jingle Bells, and Silent Nights: A Cultural History of American Christmas Songs, by Ronald D. Lankford Jr. Univ. Pr. of Florida. Oct. 2013. ISBN 9780813044927. $21.95.

Sweet Dreams: The World of Patsy Cline, Univ. of Illinois. Aug. 2013. ed. by Warren R. Hofstra. ISBN 9780252037719. $85. pap. ISBN 9780252079306. $25. ebk. ISBN 9780252094989.



It’s All a Kind of Magic: The Young Ken Kesey, by Rick Dodgson. Univ. of Wisconsin. Oct. 2013. ISBN 9780299295103. $26.95. ebk. ISBN 9780299295134.

Mañana Means Heaven, by Tim Z. Hernandez. Univ. of Arizona. Aug. 2013. ISBN 9780816530359. $24.95.

The Stray Bullet: William S. Burroughs in Mexico, by Jorge Garcia-Robles. Univ. of Minnesota. Oct. 2013. trans. from Spanish by Daniel C. Schechter. ISBN 9780816680627. $54. pap. ISBN 9780816680634. $17.95.



Becoming Tom Thumb: Charles Stratton, P.T. Barnum, and the Dawn of American Celebrity, by Eric D. Lehman. Wesleyan Univ.: Univ. Pr. of New England. Oct. 2013. ISBN 9780819573315. $28.95. ebk. ISBN 9780819573322.

Being Cool: The Work of Elmore Leonard, by Charles J. Rzepka. Johns Hopkins Univ. Oct. 2013. ISBN 9781421410159. $29.95.

M.K. Gandhi, Attorney at Law: The Man Before the Mahatma, by Charles R. Disalvo. Univ. of California. Nov. 2013. ISBN 9780520280151. $34.95.



Bird: The Life and Music of Charlie Parker, by Chuck Haddix. Univ. of Illinois. Sept. 2013. ISBN 9780252037917. $24.95. ebk. ISBN 9780252095177.

Celebrating Bird: The Triumph of Charlie Parker, by Gary Giddins. Revised & with a new introduction. Univ. of Minnesota. Sept. 2013. ISBN 9780816690411. $17.95.

Testimony, A Tribute to Charlie Parker: With New and Selected Jazz Poems, by Yusef Komunyakaa. Wesleyan Univ., dist. by University Pr. of New England. (Wesleyan Poetry). Sept. 2013. ISBN 9780819574299 $30.



The Devil’s Cormorant: A Natural History, by Richard J. King. Univ. Pr. of New England. Oct. 2013. ISBN 9781611682250. $25.95. ebk. ISBN 9781611684742.

Penguins: The Animal Answer Guide, by Gerald L. Kooyman & Wayne Lynch. Johns Hopkins Univ. Oct. 2013. ISBN 9781421410500. $50. pap. ISBN 9781421410517. $26.95.

Rare Birds of North America, by Steve N.G. Howell & others. Princeton Univ. Dec. 2013. ISBN 9780691117966. $35.

Why the Turkey Didn’t Fly: The Surprising Stories Behind the Eagle, the Flag, Uncle Sam, and Other Images of America, by Paul Aron. Univ. Pr. of New England. Aug. 2013. ISBN 9781611684940. pap. $15.95.



Crossing the Bay of Bengal: The Furies of Nature and the Fortunes of Migrants, by Sunil S. Amrith. Harvard Univ. Oct. 2013. ISBN 9780674724839. $29.95.

Nature’s Civil War: Common Soldiers and the Environment in 1862 Virginia, by Kathryn Shively Meier. Univ. of North Carolina. Nov. 2013. ISBN 9781469610764. $39.95. ebk. ISBN 9781469610771.

Walden’s Shore: Henry David Thoreau and Nineteenth-Century Science, by Robert M. Thorson. Harvard Univ. Jan. 2014. ISBN 9780674724785. $29.95.




The Battle for the Fourteenth Colony: America’s War of Liberation in Canada, 1774–1776, by Mark R. Anderson. Univ. Pr. of New England. Nov. 2013. ISBN 9781611684971. $35. ebk. ISBN 9781611684988.

How We Die Now: Intimacy and the Work of Dying, by Karla A. Erickson. Temple Univ. Oct. 2013. ISBN 9781439908235. $89.50. pap. ISBN 9781439908242. $25.95.

Improbable Women: Five Who Explored the Middle East, by William Woods Cotterman. Syracuse Univ. Oct. 2013. ISBN 9780815610236. $29.95. ebk. ISBN 9780815652311.

Lawfully Wedded Husband: How My Gay Marriage Will Save the American Family, by Joel Derfner. Univ. of Wisconsin. (Living Out: Gay and Lesbian Autobiographies). Sept. 2013. ISBN 9780299294908. $26.95. ebk. 9780299294939.

The Perfect Wave: With Neutrinos at the Boundary of Space and Time, by Heinrich Pas. Harvard Univ. Feb. 2014. ISBN 9780674725010. $26.95.



Mirages: The Unexpurgated Diary of Anaïs Nin, 1939–1947, by Anaïs Nin. Swallow: Ohio Univ. Oct. 2013. ed. by Paul Herron. ISBN 9780804011464. $34.95. ebk. ISBN 9780804040570.

The Secrets of a Vatican Cardinal: Celso Constantini’s Wartime Diaries, 1938–1947. McGill-Queens Univ.  Jan. 2014. ed. by Bruno Fabio Pighin. trans. from Italian by Laurence B. Mussio. ISBN 9780773542990. $34.95.

The Thoughtbook of F. Scott Fitzgerald, by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Univ. of Minnesota. Sept. 2013. (Fesler-Lampert Minnesota Heritage). ed. by Dave Page. ISBN 9780816679775. $12.95.



The New York Nobody Knows: Walking 6,000 Miles in the City, by William B. Helmreich. Princeton Univ. Nov. 2013. ISBN 9780691144054. $29.95.

Slavery’s Exiles: The Story of the American Maroons, by Sylviane A. Diouf. New York Univ. Jan. 2014. ISBN 9780814724378. $29.95.

Two Troubled Souls: An Eighteenth-Century Couple’s Spiritual Journey in the Atlantic World, by Aaron Spencer Fogleman. Univ. of North Carolina. Dec. 2013. ISBN 9781469608792. $39.95.  ebk. ISBN 9781469608808.



Will You Be Alive Ten Years from Now?: And Numerous Other Curious Questions in Probability, by Paul J. Nahin. Princeton Univ. Dec. 2014. ISBN 9780691156804. $27.95.

Would You Kill the Fat Man?: The Trolley Problem and What Your Answer Tells Us About Right and Wrong, by Dave Edmonds. Princeton Univ. Jan. 2014. ISBN 9780691154022. $22.95.



The Land of Dreams, by Vidar Sundstol. Univ. of Minnesota. Sept. 2013. trans. from Norwegian by Tiina Nunnally. ISBN 9780816689408. $24.95.

My Life as a Silent Movie: A Novel, by Jesse Lee Kercheval. Indiana Univ. (Break Away). Sept. 2013. ISBN 9780253010247. $22. pap. ebk. ISBN 9780253010254.

Sacred River: A Novel, by Syl Cheney-Coker. Ohio Univ. Dec. 2014. ISBN 9780821420560. $29.95. ebk. ISBN 9780821444658.



Handsome Heroes and Vile Villains: Masculinity in Disney’s Feature Films, by Amy M. Davis. John Libbey, dist. by Indiana Univ. Sept. 2013. ISBN 978861967049. pap. $25.

Harriman vs. Hill: Wall Street’s Great Railroad War, by Larry Haeg. Univ. of Minnesota. Oct. 2013. ISBN 9780816683642. $29.95.

Making the American Body: The Remarkable Saga of the Men and Women Whose Feats, Feuds, and Passions Shaped Fitness History, by Jonathan Black. Univ. of Nebraska. Nov. 2013. ISBN 9780803243705. $27.95. ebk. ISBN 9780803248922.

Shooting Arrows and Slinging Mud: Custer, the Press, and the Little Bighorn, by James E. Mueller. Oklahoma Univ. Oct. 2013. ISBN 9780806143989. $29.95.



Cumin, Camels, and Caravans: A Spice Odyssey, by Gary Paul Nabhan. Univ. of California. Nov. 2013. ISBN 9780520267206. $29.95.

Eating Asian America: A Food Studies Reader. New York Univ. Sept. 2013. ed. by Robert Ji-Song Ku & others. ISBN 9781479810239. $79. pap. ISBN 9781479869251. $25.

The Larder: Food Studies Methods from the American South. Univ. of Georgia. (Southern Foodways Alliance) Oct. 2013. ed. by John T. Edge & others. ISBN 9780820345543. $79.95. pap. ISBN 9780820345550. $24.95. ebk. ISBN 9780820346526.



The Noodle Narratives: The Global Rise of an Industrial Food into the Twenty-First Century, by Frederick Errington & others. Univ. of California.  Aug. 2013. ISBN 9780520276338. $65. pap. ISBN 9780520276345. $27.95.

The Politics of the Pantry: Stories, Food, and Social Change, by Michael Mikulak. McQill-Queens Univ. Oct. 2013. ISBN 9780773542761. $29.95.

The Vegetarian Crusade: The Rise of the American Reform Movement, 1817–1921, by Adam Shprintzen. Univ. of North Carolina. Oct. 2013. ISBN 9781469608914. $39.95. ebk. ISBN 9781469608921.



The Collaboration: Hollywood’s Pact with Hitler, by Ben Urwand. Harvard Univ. Oct. 2013. ISBN 9780674724747. $26.95.

Saturday Night Live and American TV. Indiana Univ. Oct. 2013. ed. by Nick Marx, & others. Oct. 2013. ISBN 9780253010773. $70. pap. ISBN 9780253010827. $25. ebk. ISBN 9780253010902.

West Side Story as Cinema: The Making and Impact of an  American Masterpiece, by Ernesto R. Acevedo-Munoz. Univ. Pr. of Kansas. Oct. 2013. ISBN 9780700619214. $29.95.



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