Best Sellers: Geology, June 20, 2013

August 2012 to date as identified by YBP Library Services

  1. The Rocks Don’t Lie: A Geologist Investigates Noah’s Flood
    Montgomery, David R.
    W.W. Norton
    2012. ISBN 9780393082395. $26.95
  2. The Universe Within: Discovering the Common History of Rocks, Planets, and People
    Shubin, Neil
    2013. ISBN 9780307378439. $25.95
  3. Active Faults of the World
    Yeats, Robert
    Cambridge University Press
    2012. ISBN 9780521190855. $85
  4. The Earthquake Observers: Disaster Science from Lisbon to Richter
    Coen, Deborah R.
    University of Chicago Press
    2013. ISBN 9780226111810. $35
  5. The Human Shore: Seacoasts in History
    Gillis, John R.
    University of Chicago Press
    2012. ISBN 9780226922232. $27.50
  6. The Million Death Quake: The Science of Predicting Earth’s Deadliest Natural Disaster
    Musson, Roger
    Palgrave Macmillan
    2012. ISBN 9780230119413. $27
  7. Dirty, Sacred Rivers: Confronting South Asia’s Water Crisis
    Colopy, Cheryl Gene
    Oxford University Press
    2012. ISBN 9780199845019. $34.95
  8. Watching Vesuvius: A History of Science and Culture in Early Modern Italy
    Cocco, Sean
    University of Chicago Press
    2013. ISBN 9780226923710. $45
  9. Landslides: Types, Mechanisms and Modeling
    Clague, John J.
    Cambridge University Press
    2012. ISBN 9781107002067. $150
  10. Water Drops: Celebrating the Wonder of Water
    Black, Peter E.
    State University of New York Press
    2012. ISBN 9781438444871. $60
  11. The Great Fossil Enigma: The Search for the Conodont Animal
    Knell, Simon J.
    Indiana University Press
    2013. ISBN 9780253006042. $45
  12. The Year Without Summer: 1816 and the Volcano That Darkened the World and Changed History
    Klingaman, William K.
    St. Martin’s
    2013. ISBN 9780312676452. $27.99
  13. Introducing Tectonics, Rock Structures and Mountain Belts
    Park, Graham
    Dunedin Academic Press
    2012. ISBN 9781906716264. $29.50
  14. Rising Sea Levels: An Introduction to Cause and Impact
    Janin, Hunt
    2012. ISBN 9780786459568. $35
  15. Rising Seas: Past, Present, Future
    Gornitz, Vivien
    Columbia University Press
    2013. ISBN 9780231147385. $120
  16. The Geologic Time Scale 2012
    Gradstein, Felix
    2012. ISBN 9780444594259. $115
  17. Saved in Time: The Fight To Establish Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, Colorado
    Leopold, Estella B.
    University of New Mexico Press
    2012. ISBN 9780826352361. $24.95
  18. Visions of a Vanished World: The Extraordinary Fossils of the Hunsrück Slate
    Kühl, Gabriele
    Yale University Press
    2012. ISBN 9780300184600. $40
  19. Lake Effect: Tales of Large Lakes, Arctic Winds, and Recurrent Snows
    Monmonier, Mark
    Syracuse University
    2012. ISBN 9780815610045. $24.95
  20. Earthquake
    Robinson, Andrew
    Reaktion Books
    2012. ISBN 9781780230276. $24.95
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