Fiction Reviews | May 1, 2013

Library Journal Reviews starred review Bolton, S.J. Lost. Minotaur: St. Martin’s. Jun. 2013. 400p. ISBN 9781250028563. $25.99; ebk. ISBN 9781250028556. F

Four ten-year-old boys have been murdered in London in two months and another is missing. None of the victims has been tortured or assaulted, but all have had their blood almost completely drained. Conducting his own unofficial investigation of these deaths are 11-year-old Barney, whose mother disappeared seven years ago, and his friends. His neighbor, DC Lacey Flint, is on medical leave after being traumatized during the course of a recent case ( Dead Scared ) and is avoiding people altogether, but she surreptitiously tries to watch over Barney. Her police colleagues suspect that she might be the killer, she suspects Barney, and Barney suspects his father—and then Barney vanishes. VERDICT Realistic fear, heart-stopping suspense, and jolting plot twists keep one almost frantically turning pages as Bolton grabs us from the beginning and leaves us shaken at the end. Highly recommended. [Library marketing.] —Roland Person, formerly with Southern Illinois Univ. Lib., Carbondale

Library Journal Reviews starred review Hootman, Ramsey. Courting Greta. Gallery: S. & S. Jun. 2013. 384p. ISBN 9781476711294. pap. $15. F.

Samuel is a shy, withdrawn computer programmer in need of a change in his life. He thinks a new town and a teaching job will do the trick, but when he falls for Greta, the school’s imposing tomboy gym teacher, he discovers that change can come from unexpected places. In this charming, unconventional first novel, an unlikely pair stumbles down a rough road of romance and self-discovery with all the emotional and physical baggage that middle age—and disability—can bring. VERDICT Hootman gives readers a refreshing, original love story about two socially awkward yet utterly fascinating people. Fans of John Green’s quirky lovers in The Fault in Our Stars or this year’s hot adaptation, Matthew Quirk’s Silver Linings Playbook , will want to check this one out; arriving just in time for summer, it will make a perfect beach read. Highly recommended. —Leigh Wright, Bridgewater, NJ

Library Journal Reviews starred review DiSclafani, Anton. Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls. Riverhead: Penguin Group (USA). Jun. 2013. 400p. ISBN 9781594486401. $27.95; ebk. ISBN 9781101616284. F

Young, beautiful, and privileged, Thea Atwell lives on a sprawling ranch in Florida. She loves her twin brother, her parents, and, most of all, her horses. But while she intuitively understands the equestrian life, social isolation and unusual family dynamics have left her confused. She yields to her youthful desires and ends up in trouble with a boy, with disastrous consequences that compel her parents to send her to a horse camp for girls in the Blue Ridge Mountains. There, Thea learns how to navigate a complex yet nurturing social environment, one that allows her to acquire the life lessons she so desperately needs. Even as the Great Depression compounds the shattering of Thea’s once predictable world, she ultimately finds the measure of her own strength. VERDICT Engrossing, empathetic, and atmospheric, this debut will resonate with readers as the author eloquently portrays the inevitable missteps in coming of age. Highly recommended. [See Prepub Alert, 12/7/12.]—Susanne Wells, Indianapolis, IN

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Library Journal Reviews starred review Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi. Americanah. Knopf. May 2013. 496p. ISBN 9780307271082. $26.95; ebk. ISBN 9780307962126 F

Library Journal Reviews starred review Aslam, Nadeem. The Blind Man’s Garden. Knopf. May 2013. 384p. ISBN 9780307961716. $26.95. F

Barry, Max. Lexicon. Penguin Pr: Penguin Group (USA) Jun. 2013. 377p. ISBN 9781594205385. $26.95; ebk. ISBN 9781101604908. F

Library Journal Reviews starred review Choi, Susan. My Education. Viking. Jul. 2013. 296p. ISBN 9780670024902. $26.95; ebk. ISBN 9781101622681. F

Library Journal Reviews starred review Colfer, Eoin. Screwed. Overlook. May 2013. 304p. ISBN 9781468301700. $25.95. F

Library Journal Reviews starred review Collins, Ciaran. The Gamal. Bloomsbury USA, dist. by Macmillan. Jul. 2013. 480p. ISBN 9781608198757. pap. $17 F

Crain, Caleb. Necessary Errors. Penguin. Aug. 2013. 472p. ISBN 9780143122418. pap. $16; ebk. ISBN9781101613658. F

Library Journal Reviews starred review Dolan, Lian. Elizabeth the First Wife. Prospect Park. May 2013. 304p. ISBN 9781938849053. pap. $15.95. F

Engel, Patricia. It’s Not Love, It’s Just Paris. Grove. Aug. 2013. 272p. ISBN 9780802121516. $25; ebk. ISBN 9780802193278. F

Espinoza, Alex. The Five Acts of Diego León.Random. 2013. 320p. ISBN 9781400065400. $26; ebk. ISBN 9780812984637. F

Garcia, Cristina. King of Cuba. Scribner. May 2013. 256p. ISBN 9781476710242. $25; ebk. ISBN9781476714530. F

Gilbert, David. And Sons. Random. Jul. 2013. 458p. ISBN 9780812993967. $27; ebk. ISBN 9780812993974. F

Library Journal Reviews starred review Godwin, Gail. Flora. Bloomsbury USA. dist. by Macmillan. May 2013. 288p. ISBN 9781620401200. $26; ebk. ISBN 9781620401217. F

Library Journal Reviews starred review Herron, Mick. Dead Lions. Soho Crime. May 2013. 352p. ISBN 9781616952259. $25.95. F

Library Journal Reviews starred review Kelly, Elizabeth. The Last Summer of the Camperdowns. Liveright: Norton. Jun. 2013. 400p. ISBN 9780871403407. $25.95; ebk. ISBN9780871406989. F

Library Journal Reviews starred review Kempadoo, Oonya. All Decent Animals. Farrar. May 2013. 272p. ISBN 9780374299712. $26; ebk. ISBN 9781466826335. F

King, Stephen. Joyland. Hard Case Crime: Titan. Jun. 2013. 288p. ISBN 9781781162644. pap. $12.95. F

Kirino, Natsuo. The Goddess Chronicle. Grove. Aug. 2013. 320p. tr. from Japanese by Rebecca Copeland.ISBN 9780802121097. $24. F

Labiner, Norah. Let the Dark Flower Blossom. Coffee House, dist. by Consortium. May 2013. 364p. ISBN 9781566893206. pap. $16.95; ebk. ISBN 9781566893312. F

Leduc, Amanda. The Miracles of Ordinary Men. ECW, dist. by IPG. 2013. 320p. ISBN 9781770411111. pap. $18.95; ebk. ISBN9781770903944. F

Maazel, Fiona. Woke Up Lonely. Graywolf. 2013. 336p. ISBN 9781555976385. $26; ebk. ISBN9781555970680. F

MacBride, Stuart. Close to the Bone. HarperCollins. May 2013. 528p. ISBN 9780007344260. $24.99; ebk. ISBN 9780007510924. F

Library Journal Reviews starred review MacDonald, D.R. The Ice Bridge. Counterpoint. May 2013. 353p. ISBN 9781619021181. $26. F

Palwick, Susan. Mending the Moon. Tor. May 2013. 336p. ISBN 9780765327581. $24.99; ebk. ISBN 9781429987158. F

Library Journal Reviews starred review Pochoda, Ivy. Visitation Street. Dennis Lehane: Ecco. Jul. 2013. 320p. ISBN 9780062249890. $25.99; ebk. ISBN 9780062249913. F

Poitier, Sidney. Montaro Caine. Spiegel & Grau. May 2013. 305p. ISBN 9780385531115. $26; ebk. ISBN 9780385531122. F

Pron, Patricio. My Fathers’ Ghost Is Climbing in the Rain. Knopf. May 2013. 224p. tr. from Spanish by Mara Faye Lethem. ISBN 9780307700681. $24; ebk. ISBN 9780307962270. F

Rhodes, David. Jewelweed. Milkweed, dist. by PGW. May 2013.449p. ISBN 9781571311009. $26; ebk. ISBN 9781571318831. F

Riley, Peggy. Amity and Sorrow. Little, Brown. 2013. 320p. ISBN 9780316220880. $25.99; ebk. ISBN9780316220897. F

Library Journal Reviews starred review Roffey, Monique. Archipelago. Penguin. Jun. 2013. 360p. ISBN 9780143122562. pap. $16; ebk. ISBN9781101613818. F

Rukeyser, Muriel. Savage Coast. Feminist Pr. May 2013. 336p. ed. by Rowena Kennedy-Epstein. ISBN 9781558618206. pap. $16.95; ebk. ISBN 9781558618213. F

Salter, James. All That Is. Knopf. 2013. 304p. ISBN 9781400043132. $26.95; ebk. ISBN 9780307961099. F

Yanagihara, Hanya. The People in the Trees. Doubleday. Aug. 2013. 432p. ISBN 9780385536776. $26.95; ebk. ISBN 9780385536783. F

Short Stories

Ausubel, Ramona. A Guide to Being Born. Riverhead: Penguin Group (USA). May 2013. 208p. ISBN 9781594487958. $26.95; ebk. ISBN 9781101614617. F