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Jen Kirkman is a stand-up comedian, writer, and actor. She has two comedy albums and writes for and appears on E!’s Chelsea Lately and After Lately (with Chelsea Handler). In her book: “I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales from a Happy Life Without Kids,” Kirkman defends her decision to not have children, providing a beacon of hope to anyone whose major life decisions have been questioned by their family and friends. Kirkman narrates the audiobook edition, coming in April from Tantor.


Excerpts from the audio interview:

Q: So what do you have against kids?

A: [Laughs] Nothing! They’re just not for me. Honestly, I’m just not that interested. I don’t even want to have a plant or a cat.

Q: Was your own childhood difficult?

A: No, but my sisters were a lot older than me, and I saw what they were doing: having boyfriends going off to college, having jobs. And I always thought that seemed a lot more fun than what I was doing: going to second grade and having to eat my lunch out of a brown paper bag. I always loved adults and couldn’t wait to be one. And I was right: it’s a lot more fun to be an adult, because you can do whatever you want. [Laughs]

Listen to a sample of the Tantor audiobook edition of I Can Barely Take Care of Myself narrated by Jen Kirkman.

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