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The Oscars will be presented this Sunday with the usual craptacular pomp and nonsense. Woopty doo. Once the Academy began nominating more than five titles for Best Film without also nominating the respective directors it was the last nail in the coffin and proved that ticket sales and TV ratings are more important to the “Arts” organization.

Screw it, bring on the geek stuff

Meanwhile, Back in the Jungle
IDW Publishing’s Library of American Comics imprint is debuting a four-volume series Tarzan: The Complete Russ Manning Newspaper Strips beginning this May with the initial volume covering 1967 to 1969. The publisher said that “Russ Manning was handpicked by the Burroughs estate to return the strip to its creator’s original vision. Manning put together a dream team of assistants in this historic endeavor, including future comics greats Dave Stevens, William Stout, and Mike Royer, creating one of the most loaded rosters in comics history, and a perfect opportunity for new fans to discover the adventures of Viscount Greystoke.” The 288-page volume (ISBN 9781613776940) featuring monochrome reproductions of the weekly newspaper strips will sell for $49.99.

IDW also is releasing a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles micro series in April with issue 31 Krang. IDW said that the book, which was written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Mike Henderson with a cover by Tyler Walpole, “explores the tales of Dimension X’s fearsome despot—and that’s just the opening act!”

Ron Weasley: The Poor Man’s Kick Ass
Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley), who has been quiet since that franchise wrapped, is coming to TV. Grint will take the lead in Super Clyde, in which he plays a regular guy who decides to become a superhero. According to press reports, Greg Garcia, creator of Raising Hope, is writing and producing with Mike Fresco (My Name Is Earl) directing a pilot for CBS. Is it me or does this sounds pretty much like the same premise as Mark Millar’s Kick Ass?

Grint better hope the pilot kicks ass because unlike Emily Watson and Dan Radcliffe, his post-Potter career hasn’t exactly been, ahem, magical. Best of luck to him. Let’s hope his new hero character isn’t Unemployable Typecast Man!

Back to the Present
A group calling themselves Time Machine Restoration have completely refurbished what they claim is the screen-used Delorean that was as much the star of Back to the Future as Michael J. Fox. It took a year and the car was completely disassembled and returned to its former glory. There probably will be some naysaying from the diehard BTTF geeks over whether this truly was the screen-used vehicle, but it’s a glorious thing nonetheless. Here’s the scoop. Check out this killer pic:

A big GF congrats to these uber fans for this labor of love. Time Machine Restoration is the Geek of the Week!

Stick It in Your Ear
The Audio Publishers Association has released the names of the 142 audiobooks vying for prizes in the 13th annual Audie Awards in 28 categories. There’s some great stuff in here including our old pal L. Ron Hubbard’s Trouble on His Wings in the Drama category, which I had a blast reviewing for LJ.

A full list of nominations in all categories is available here. If you’re not listening to audiobooks you don’t know what you’re missing.

Bizarro Video of the Week
Russian soldiers sing the Sponge Bob theme.

Can’t top that, so have a great weekend and get your geek on, baby!

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