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Okay, geeks, I hope you’re all ready for the big game this weekend and have laid in plenty of brews and munchies! If you’re thinking the Superbowl has nothing to do with geekdom and you’ll be spending another Sunday watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory, then au contraire mon frere! During the game’s second quarter keep your eyes peeled for the debut of a new exclusive trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness. Paramount Studios also is releasing an app that is a gateway to other intel on the second installation in director J.J. Abrams’s Trek reboot. More interested now, aren’t ya?

Marvel‘s Animated Inhumans on DVD
Marvel Comics has the Midas touch with morphing its properties from print to screen—both great and small. The company’s Marvel Knights Animation division announced on January 29 that it will release an animated version of its Inhumans on DVD this spring. Developed by the Eisner Award-winning team of Paul Jenkins (writer) and Jae Lee (artist), Inhumans chronicles a genetically unique race lead by Blackbolt, which lives apart from the rest of humanity in the kingdom of Attilan.

Distributed by Shout Factory, the package features a full-color graphic cover and a plastic sleeve, which “bridges the comic book to DVD concept,” Shout Factory said.

Due in stores April 23, the 132-minute program finds Blackbolt and Attilan under attack from both outsiders and within, as well by his brother, Maximus the Mad. The package also includes a bonus feature “A Look Back at the Inhumans” with Jenkins, Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, and Supervising Producer Kalia Cheng. Shout Factor’s Tom Chen told LJ that its “in-house production unit worked closely with Marvel Knights Animation on producing the bonus content.” Inhumans retails for an affordable $14.97 (preorder for a discount).

Holy Bat Face!
Some geek with too much time on his hands has taken the faces of all the actors that played Batman and morphed them into one through a little Photoshop alchemy:

Pretty cool!

Disney Slips Star Wars 3D a Mickey!
Bad news for my fellow Star Wars geeks: new owner Disney has “postponed” the scheduled release of the saga in 3D, which was supposed to continue later this year with both Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Even though the big D hasn’t officially said it’s shelving the films, that’s in essence what’s happened. GF earlier reported that Disney’s purchase of LuscasFilm is taps for the Indiana Jones franchise because the Indy films are distributed by Paramount. The existing Star Wars films are distributed by 20th Century Fox, so there’s little to no chance that Disney will let another studio handle—and make profit from—any of its properties, so it’s slipping the 3D releases a mickey and they’re as good as gone. Alas.

James & James
Big Geeky Friday birthday wishes to James Joyce, who turns 131 tomorrow on Groundhog Day. Joyce kinda looked like he was 131 by the time he was 40 (ok, maybe 50). A marvelous face carved in stone from birth. Also, James Dickey would have turned 90. I met Dickey years ago down at the University of South Carolina, and although he already was quite ill (using a wheelchair and an oxygen tank), he was great to talk to. Also, Gertrude Stein celebrates her 139th on Feb. 3. That’s a lot of candles on the cake, but Stein always always struck me as such a windbag that she probably could blow them out no problemo—buwahahaha!

[Literary trivia: Stein reportedly loathed Joyce. Anyone attending a regular gathering at her Paris salon who mentioned Joyce wasn’t invited back for weeks. Mention him twice and you were banished to Boogieland permanently!]

Happy 59th birthday to actor Bill Mumy—danger, Will Robinson, you’re getting old!

Lastly, happy anniversary to the venerable Oxford English Dictionary, which debuted this day in 1884.

Happy February everyone! Thanks for tuning in. Enjoy the game, the Trek spot, and get your geek on, baby!




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  1. Olivia says:

    The nerd in me requires me to mention that The Phantom Menace was already released in 3D last year. This year was supposed to bring Attack of the Clones. As bad as it is, I probably would have went and saw it.

    The only good part about the super bowl is the commercials and trailers.

    • Michael Rogers Michael Rogers says:

      Thanks. How the hell did I miss the TPM release? You’re right, this year was supposed to be Clones and Sith. Bummer X 2!