SF/Fantasy Newsworthy | February 2013

This spring Gene Wolfe will receive the 2012 Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award, given by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America. Recognizing “lifetime achievement in science fiction and/or fantasy,” the award will be presented at the 48th Annual Nebula Awards Weekend in San Jose, CA, May 16–19, 2013. Although his first novel, Operation Ares (1970), had little success, Wolfe began to rise to literary prominence with The Shadow of the Torturer, the first title in his “Book of the New Sun” series. Wolfe’s success as both a writer of “literary sf” and of speculative fiction with immense popular appeal has earned him two Nebulas; five World Fantasy Awards; six Locus Awards; the 1996 World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement Award; and, in 2007, membership in the Science Fiction Hall of Fame. As a Grand Master, Wolfe joins the company of such stellar authors as Robert A. Heinlein, Andre Norton, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Ursula K. LeGuin, Robert Silverberg, Anne McCaffrey, Joe Haldeman, and Connie Willis. For further information, see this listing of Grand Masters since 1975.
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In March, 2013, Arc Manor Publishers intends to launch Galaxy’s Edge, a magazine that will feature new stories as well as reprints and serials. Edited by popular author Mike Resnick, the magazine will be free online, while Amazon and Barnes & Noble will carry paper copies; low-priced downloads will also be available.