Marvel Knights Animation/Shout Factory Releasing “Inhumans” on DVD

Marvel Comics has the Midas touch with morphing its properties from print to screen—both great and small. The company’s Marvel Knights Animation division announced on January 29 that it will release an animated version of its Inhumans on DVD this spring. Developed by the Eisner Award-winning team of Paul Jenkins (writer) and Jae Lee (artist), Inhumans chronicles a genetically unique race lead by Blackbolt, which lives apart from the rest of humanity in the kingdom of Attilan.

Distributed by Shout Factory, the package features a full-color graphic cover and a plastic sleeve, which “bridges the comic book to DVD concept,” Shout Factory said.

Due in stores April 23, the 132-minute program finds Blackbolt and Attilan under attack from both outsiders and within, as well by his brother, Maximus the Mad. The package also includes a bonus feature “A Look Back at the Inhumans” with Jenkins, Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, and Supervising Producer Kalia Cheng. Shout Factor’s Tom Chen told LJ that its “in-house production unit worked closely with Marvel Knights Animation on producing the bonus content.” Inhumans retails for an affordable $14.97 (preorder for a discount).

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  1. Eli says:

    Hi Michael, I love Marvel. I can’t say I dig what they did on the big screen as much as the places my head took me when I was younger reading the books under the covers with a flashlight but I give them kudos regardless. Interesting writeup!

    Thanks and take care, Eli

  2. Rob says:

    Michael, I love the big screen stuff. I know it’s not for everybody like the guy that commented above me, but to bring these characters to life is to objectively manifest my crazy imagination as a kid. I’m no director but I do like the stuff they did on screen too. Both are great.

    Thanks and take care,