Audio Newsbrief | January 2013

If you’re looking for something different and unique for your library or school, consider Galaxy Audio’s Readers Theater Performance Kit. The $24.95 kit (ISBN 9781619861725) includes three discs containing everything needed to create an audio presentation of author L. Ron Hubbard’s 1940 short story “If I Were You.” The first disc features PDFs of the script, a program, a flyer, and other printable materials, while the remaining CDs sport sound effects and music. Galaxy offers detailed instructions and tips for staging a dramatic presentation of the story and how to cue the music and sound effects, etc., correctly to make it as professional and entertaining as possible. Students could produce the story as a class project or as a play for the whole school; libraries might have patrons or Friends groups present it as an interesting fundraiser beyond the traditional book and bake sales, or just for fun.

“If I Were You” was named a favorite story by more than 800 students responding to surveys conducted by the publisher. It gets a 6.4 Accelerated Reader rating and 6.2 with Scholastic Reading Counts. Other of Hubbard’s pieces, which Galaxy publishes as part of its “Stories from the Golden Age” series, have been Lexile rated for seventh to tenth grade. A small, all-inclusive package for a reasonable price makes this a solid purchase for interested schools and libraries.

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