January 8 is D-Day for “Wheel of Time” Fans: Final Volume to Be Released

Fans of Robert Jordan’s epic “Wheel of Time” fantasy series were devastated when the author died in 2007 while working on the final volume. Fortunately Jordan had left extensive notes so another writer could finish the novel. Tomorrow A Memory  of Light will finally be released, bringing a best-selling series that began in 1990 to a close.

To commemorate this historic publishing event and working  with Harriet McDougal, Jordan’s longtime editor and widow, co-author Brandon Sanderson, Tor publisher Tom Doherty, and Jason Denzel of Dragonmount, Tor has created a series of videos for fans and new “Wheel of Time” readers that honor the memory of Robert Jordan and pay respect to his magnum opus..

“The Wheel of Time: The Robert Jordan Story”

“The Wheel of Time: The Last Chapter”

“The Wheel of Time: Legacy”


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