Geeky Friday: Give George Lucas the Nobel Prize

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, which still is ravaging my home area of Long Island, NY, (I still had no power/heat this morning), I missed the biggest geek story of the year (maybe the decade), namely Lucasfilms’s sale to Disney and the announcement of Star Wars: Episode VII coming in 2015. The geekosphere was buzzing with both positive and negative reactions plus lots of Darth Mickey jokes.

What hasn’t gotten as much press, unfortunately, is that George Lucas is donating the $4 billion he’s receiving for his properties to educational charities such as his foundation, Edutopia. Yes, I said he’s giving away FOUR BILLION DOLLARS because he believes that humanity’s future lies in education. Give that man the Nobel Prize.

Lucas has caught a ton of crap from fans over the years—even those who love him are often critical. His numerous revisions to the Star Wars OT, the Prequels/Jar-Jar, Crystal Skull, etc., will continue to call his artistic vision into question for years to come, but this unbelievable generosity lays to rest any questions about his character.

Bravo, Uncle George.

And while we’re talking Star Wars, with Election Day tomorrow remember…

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