Best Sellers: Engineering–Technology, November 29, 2012

January 2012 to date as identified by YBP Library Services

1) The Idea Factory: Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovation
Gertner, Jon
Penguin Group (USA)
2012. ISBN 9781594203282. $29.95

2) To Forgive Design: Understanding Failure
Petroski, Henry
Belknap: Harvard University Press
2012. ISBN 9780674065840. $27.95

3) Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
Diamandis, Peter H.
Free Press: Simon & Schuster
2012. ISBN 9781451614213. $26.99

4) Robot Ethics: The Ethical and Social Implications of Robotics
Lin, Patrick
MIT Press
2012. ISBN 9780262016667. $45

5) Rethinking a Lot: The Design and Culture of Parking
Ben-Joseph, Eran
MIT Press
2012. ISBN 9780262017336. $24.95

6) Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet
Blum, Andrew
Ecco: HarperCollins
2012. ISBN 9780061994937. $26.99

7) Digital Universe: The Global Telecommunication Revolution
Seel, Peter B.
2012. ISBN 9781405153294. $92.95

8) Darwin’s Devices: What Evolving Robots Can Teach Us About the History of Life and the Future of Technology
Long, John
Basic Books: Perseus
2012. ISBN 9780465021413. $26.99

9) iDisorder: Understanding Our Obsession with Technology and Overcoming Its Hold on Us
Rosen, Larry D.
Palgrave Macmillan
2012. ISBN 9780230117570. $25

10) Innovation, Dual Use, and Security: Managing the Risks of Emerging Biological and Chemical Technologies
Tucker, Jonathan B.
MIT Press
2012. ISBN 9780262017176. $54

11) Interop: The Promise and Perils of Highly Interconnected Systems
Palfrey, John
Basic Books: Perseus
2012. ISBN 9780465021970. $28.99

12) Listen. Write. Present: The Elements for Communicating Science and Technology
Barnard, Stephanie Roberson
Yale University Press
2012. ISBN 9780300176278. $22

13) Game Theory in Wireless and Communication Networks: Theory, Models, and Applications
Zhu Han
Cambridge University Press
2012. ISBN 9780521196963. $130

14) The Machine Question: Critical Perspectives on AI, Robots, and Ethics
Gunkel, David J.
MIT Press
2012. ISBN 9780262017435. $35

15) Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier
Tyson, Neil DeGrasse
W.W. Norton
2012. ISBN 9780393082104. $26.95

16) Designing Human Practices: An Experiment with Synthetic Biology
Rabinow, Paul
University of Chicago Press
2012. ISBN 9780226703138. $75

17) Modelling Turbulence in Engineering and the Environment: Second-Moment Routes to Closure
Hanjalić, Kemal
Cambridge University Press
2011. ISBN 9780521845755. $130

18) Engineering and Social Justice: In the University and Beyond
Baillie, Caroline
Purdue University Press
2012. ISBN 9781557536068. $65

19) Grand Central’s Engineer: William J. Wilgus and the Planning of Modern Manhattan
Schlichting, Kurt C.
Johns Hopkins University Press
2012. ISBN 9781421403021. $49.95

20) Advanced Data Converters
Manganaro, Gabriele
Cambridge University Press
2012. ISBN 9781107005570. $110

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