SF/Fantasy Debut of the Month | November 15, 2012

Library Journal ReviewsSilverberg, Robert & Alvaro Zinos-Amaro. When the Blue Shift Comes. Phoenix Pick: Arc Manor. (The Stellar Guild Series). Nov. 2012. c.190p. ed. by Mike Resnick. ISBN 9781612420745. pap. $12.99. SF

The latest title in an original publishing concept combines two novellas, one by an established author and the second by that author’s protégé. Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Silverberg starts with “The Song of Last Things,” a previously unpublished novella set in an unimaginably distant future, when experts have come to the disturbing conclusion that the universe is going to end very soon. Called to address the phenomenon, Hanosz Prime, the former ruler of Prime, determines to do what he can to save the universe. In “The Last Mandala Sweeps,” debut author Zinos-Amaro takes up the challenge of creating an ending to Silverberg’s beginning. With a style and voice that echo Silverberg’s while retaining its own identity, Zinos-Amaro continues the saga of Hanosz Prime as he fathoms the interrelationship of destruction and creation. The two sections of this partial debut resonate with point and counterpoint and create a literary work that resembles both music, in its working out of its theme and variations, and poetry, in its sheer joy in the language of the imagination. VERDICT Fans of Silverberg and lovers of speculative fiction and the creative process should enjoy the rediscovery of a veteran author and the debut of a new, bold sf voice.