Mystery Debut | November 1, 2012

starred review star Hunt, Andrew. City of Saints. Minotaur: St. Martin’s. Nov. 2012. c.320p. ISBN 9781250015792. $24.99. M

Nice guy deputy and devout Mormon Art Oveson might be in over his head—he’s just a rookie. But his first murder investigation would be a challenging case for even the most seasoned cop. When a gorgeous socialite (who’s married to a prominent physician) is left dead and mutilated in a field, all signs point to a crime of passion. Then a tabloid journalist is killed and Oveson learns the first victim’s husband is an abortionist. Guileless Oveson digs deep and asks too many questions, while his ineffectual, corrupt sheriff is beholden to the powerful. When his partner is wrongfully fired, Oveson lands square in the sights of the killer. VERDICT This engrossing historical debut is set in 1930 Salt Lake City and based on a true case. Narrated by Oveson in the first person, the procedural steadily builds up steam and explodes in all the right places. History professor Hunt’s title won the 2011 Tony Hillerman Prize. Pair with Sheldon Russell and Lisa Black.