LJ Best Books 2017

It's time again for LJ’s annual Top Ten Best Books of the year, selected by our editors, as well as Top Five lists for genre fiction, nonfiction, poetry and literature, graphic novels, and SELF-e titles.   SEE WHO MADE THE LIST

Best Books 2012: Christian Fiction

Bates, Erin. Her Amish Man. Gallery: S. & S. ISBN 9781451662092. pap. $15; eISBN 9781451662108.
A young woman on the run rediscovers her Amish maternal roots and finds love. Bates blends romance and suspense in this fresh take on an overcrowded genre. (LJ 11/15/12)

Byrd, Sandra. The Secret Keeper: A Novel of Kateryn Parr. Howard Pub: S. & S. (Ladies in Waiting, Bk. 2). ISBN 9781439183144. pap. $14.99; eISBN 9781439183151. $9.99.
Juliana St. John, gifted with second sight, gets caught up in matters of politics and faith as she accompanies Henry VIII’s last wife into dangerous territory. Atmospheric, dramatic, and full of twists, Byrd’s historical is a must for all Tudor-fiction fans. (LJ 8/12)

Cheuvront, Robbie & Erik Reed. The 13: Fall. Barbour. (13, Bk. 1). ISBN 9781616267698. pap. $16.99.
CIA agent Jonathan Keene and FBI agent Megan Taylor must work together to save what is left of the United States after a prophesy of destruction comes true. (LJ 9/15/12)

Dekker, Ted & Tosca Lee. Mortal. FaithWords: Hachette. (Book of Mortals, Bk. 2). ISBN 9781599953588. $24.99; eISBN 9781455523115.
In a world that has become dead, the few who have recovered their humanity and become mortal must battle the Order that would destroy them. The authors’ edgy suspenseful spiritual thriller is a winning follow-up to Forbidden. (LJ 6/15/12)

Gohlke, Cathy. Promise Me This. Tyndale House. ISBN 9781414353074. pap. $13.99; eISBN 9781414369198.
A young stowaway on the Titanic promises a dying passenger that he will care for his sister, who is still in England. The promise leads to a romantic correspondence. Two-time Christy Award winner Gohlke has written a dramatic and heart-wrenching tale of love and loss. (LJ 2/15/12)



  1. KC Frantzen says:

    What a splendid list!
    I so enjoyed The Secret Keeper by Sandra Byrd.
    Your list lets me know others I am sure to enjoy as well.

  2. Randomlychad says:

    Mortal kicked all kinds of fictional butt. It’s a must-read!