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October 24 is Food Day, a day to support (and consume) healthy and sustainable food choices. The contemporary book interest in such options can be traced back to writers such as Michael Pollen, Alice Waters, and Eric Schlosser. Such interests currently intersect with a number of nonfiction subjects including gardening, cooking, and politics. Here are a few books that can sustain your patrons’ concerns in growing, cooking, and eating healthy ingredients.

  •  Locally Grown: Portraits of Artisanal Farms from America’s Heartland by Anna H. Blessing (Agate Midway) In this beautifully photographed book, Blessing explores sustainable farming by profiling farms in the Midwest that partner with renowned chefs. Mixed with the story of each farm are recipes by the chefs and reflections by the farmers.
  •  Taste, Memory: Forgotten Foods, Lost Flavors, and Why They Matter by David Buchanan (Chelsea Green) Dedicated to the prospect of preserving heirloom plants, Buchanan pens a memoir mixed with a kind of farm travelog in which he champions food diversity.
  •  Food Grown Right in Your Backyard by Colin McCrate and Brad Halm (Mountaineers Books) Many people desire a home garden but have no idea how to start or what to do once they begin. McCrate and Halm show such newbies how to garden in this practical guide.
  •  Fäviken by Magnus Nilsson (Phaidon) This lavishly illustrated cookbook illuminates Nilsson’s hyperlocal and sustainable philosophy. It is more an ode to a place than it is a guide to family dinner, but readers who yearn for a way to view cooking as more grounded in their community will be entranced.
  •  True Food: Seasonal, Sustainable, Simple, Pure by Andrew Weil and Sam Fox, with Michael Stebner (Little, Brown) Weil is well known for his long-standing advocacy of a certain way of eating. This cookbook, based on his new chain of restaurants, is fully illustrated and contains easy (and not so easy) dishes.


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