Traveling to Paris with Mystery Author Cara Black: You Could Win This Contest!

When my mood is blue, when I’m too tired to consider one more book to assign, when I wish I were in Paris, escaping it all, I toss everything aside and revisit the Aimée Leduc mystery series by Cara Black. Thus, as I was gathering information for a column on March 2013 mystery titles (see next week’s enewsletter), I was thrilled to learn that Aimée’s next outing is coming that month. As hinted in the previous mystery, 2012’s Murder at the Lanterne Rouge, Murder Below Montparnasse will take the series in a new direction. (I have some details but will keep you in suspense until next week.)

Meanwhile, lunching with Soho editor Juliet Grames, I learned that the publisher is giving this series an extra boost by offering a win-a-trip-to-Paris contest, with the author herself as guide. (It’s in connection with a new Cara Black tour being launched by a San Francisco travel agent.) The tour will be October 15–22, 2013, and, aside from the landmark sites, Black will escort you to all those off-the-beaten-track byways that figure so wonderfully in her work. The best news: libraries are definitely part of the deal.

 There are three ways folks can win, with one entry per type of entry per person, which ups your chances: 

  1. Preorder the limited signed Deluxe Parisian Edition of Murder Below Montparnasse and find an entry ticket inside.
  2. Visit a participating library (libraries wanting to take part will get an easel-back poster with a “take-one” pad), find the “Paris Is for Murder” display, and take one of the entry forms.
  3. Go to a Cara Black event. The author will be touring extensively for Murder Below Montparnasse (I’ll get the dates) and will carry special entry forms that can be received from her only. 

The contest itself will run from the March 5 publication date until the end of April, with the winner announced on Tuesday, May 14. Individuals can preorder now, and libraries can sign up the easel-back poster shortly at I’ll keep you posted on the website and the book. Bonne chance!






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