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Hey, gang, apologies for not posting daily, but by the time I was done loading and editing my photos, like Marty McFly I was OUTATIME!

I’ll just post two days’ worth here.

Completely MAD
After the unexpected heavy start on Friday, the expected mayhem of Saturday didn’t seem that bad. Traffic jams sprang up everywhere throughout Javits, and you could suddenly find yourself trapped in unbelievable congestion where it took ten minutes to move ten feet, but the show floor for the most part mostly was manageable enough throughout the day. There seemed to be a lull in traffic late in the afternoon. I don’t know if people just needed a break or left to get food that didn’t cost the same as a month’s rent, but whatever the reason it seemed a bit calmer between 4 and 6 p.m., which provided some much-needed breathing room.

Lines for autographs and celeb panels remained heavy, and I’m happy to report that Artists Alley was jammed the whole time. It’s good to see that it’s not just about Hollywood and that the comic artists also get their props (it is a comic book show after all). Vendors on the show floor also report doing decent business, which also is welcomed news.

To give my aching tootsies a break, I slipped in to the MAD Magazine session featuring Editor John Ficarro and the “usual gang of idiots.” MAD is going online and will be offering electronic subscriptions and access to its archive, a.k.a., the “Idiotica.” A print subscription gets users electronic access to all back issues for the cheap price of an additional $10. This is great news for libraries.

The session was a blast. In this age of hypersensitive political correctness it’s refreshing to see that MAD has retained its traditional values of poking fun—and that’s what it is—at everything from the frustrations of daily life to Hollywood to politics. Nothing and no one is immune to its satire. I salute MAD’s bravado at still saying aloud the thing that many are thinking but wouldn’t dare speak and making people laugh their butts off while doing it. Well done, MAD!

Fangirls Rule!
Most people still think of these shows as nerdy guy stuff, but there were at least as many fangirls on hand and many more ladies cosplaying in a wider variety of costumes, which ranged from film-quality to cardboard and glue. Most of the guys were Batman or the Joker. But while Wonder Woman, Bat Girl, and Supergirl still dominate, fangirls were decked out in every kind of get-up imaginable. The girls also were browsing and buying as much as the guys, so another myth busted.

It’ll probably be another week before my feet stop aching, but NYCC was a blast. The show’s organizers still have to improve upon the lines and wait time for autographs, but it’s moving in the right direction.

Pix give a better presentation, so check out my FLICKR album. Here are a few to start off.

Badass Predator!

Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons:

Everyone shills at Comic Con:

Sorry, guys, but fangirls kick ass and this pretty lady could kick yours!

Autograph area is jammed!









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