Geeky Friday: New York Comic Con Sets Record Attendance, DC Releasing Superman: Earth One, Vol. 2 in November, J.K. Rowling’s Naughty Bits

My feet have almost stopped aching from endlessly treading the Javits Center’s comfy cement floor at New York Comic Con last weekend. It was heaps of fun, and I’m still riding the high, but damn was it crowded! How crowded was it, you ask? Try 116,000 attendance over the four days, a new record—that’s a lot of geeks, baby! That figure represents a 9000 increase over last year’s total. And it wasn’t just the show floor that was packed, which you’d expect, it was sardineville everywhere!

Heidi MacDonald and company at Publisher’s Weekly offer the best break down of all the top news of the show. She always does a great job with con coverage, so toggle over and give her report a read.

I shot a ton of pix—1106 to be exact—and offered to send them to the cosplayers gracious enough to pose. Some took me up on the offer, so I used the opportunity to elicit feedback on their experiences. Most were positive, but there was griping aplenty about the overcrowded everything and the hurdles that had to be leaped to get autographs.

I don’t know if there are solutions to either problem other than limiting ticket sales, and since the point of the endeavor is to separate attendees from as many of their precious greenbacks as possible that aint going to happen in this life or any other, folks! New York is New York and will draw monster crowds that Hulk out more every year, it’s that simple. It stinks but that’s life. Suck it up or stay home.

I posted daily reports on Friday, Saturday, and a wrap-up on Monday and whittled down my pix to a drop over 200 now posted in a Flickr album (the pix are fun, so have a look) for your viewing pleasure. Here are a few samples:

Boba Chicken:

Hot Booth Bunny:

LEGO DC Supers:

Thanks to Lady Deadpool, Marty McFly’s time might really be up:

Walking Dead:


Superman: Earth One, Vol. 2 Coming in November
DC emailed me with some intel on the follow-up volume to its successful Superman: Earth One debut. A sequel premiering in November begins where the initial volume ended, with Clark Kent having already taken his first steps toward becoming Superman. “But this power has kept this twentysomething alone,” DC says. “It’s what has made people fearful of this stranger from another planet. It’s what the creature, Parasite, craves. This nascent Man of Steel faces his first real threat against a twisted being that can siphon his powers away, making them his own. Left without the amazing abilities he was born with, Superman soon learns how fragile and vulnerable humans can really be. However, his obstacles as a hero aren’t his only battles-—Superman’s biggest weakness is in the form of a new woman in his life, who is also turning his world upside down.”

J.K. Rowling’s Naughty Bits
To distinguish herself as a writer capable of more than Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling isn’t screwing around, but apparently her characters are—like alley cats! Rowling jumped into the adult book arena with both feet via the publication of The Casual Vacancy, which is enjoying the expected brisk sales. But just how adult is it? Molly McArdle, LJ’s resident Potter head, who reviewed the book, offers a break down of the Top Ten Memorable “Adult” Moments. It’s must reading. Bravo, Molly!

Unrelated, but a happy 81st birthday to John le Carré.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend, all. Get your geek on, baby!

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