And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth: New York Comic Con 2012, Day 2 | Geeky Friday

Following New York Comic Con’s fairly mild and sustainable Professionals day on Thursday, Friday, the first full day the show is open to the public, was the expected mob. Fanboys/girls of every size, shape, and color descended o n the Javits Center like it was the only dry ground in a flood. The show floor was packed and business was brisk. I spotted my friend Kathleen Carroll from Titan Enterprises at their booth that had so many people around it you’d think they were giving the products away. She was processing one sale after the next and told me it was like that all day.

I’m glad the vendors, which shell out serious coin for their booths, were doing business. Alas, it was ten times more crowded to get into celebrity-laden panels and the line for autographs, forgetabout it, the lines couldn’t have been more impossible if Sean Astin, Anne Rice, Christopher Lloyd, etc., were handing out $1000 bills. Frankly, it was ridiculous. A crowd is a crowd, but the show’s poor organization makes it worse. To get an autograph you first wait on a line that stretches to the equator to buy the pic. Then you wait on another line that goes to the moon and back to get it signed and to spend 20 seconds geeking out and telling the celeb how great they are before you’re hustled off. It’s an investment of half a day for a single signature. Gimme a break!

Also, as press I should be able to go anywhere and shoot anyone’s picture instead of being told NO by every 16-year-old volunteer serving as security. Reed Exhibition, stop treating the press like crap, it’s rude, unprofessional, and just plain dumb.

Loaded another batch of pix so in my FLICKR album, so have a look. Here’s a few to whet your appetites.

Batman kinda looks like Ahnold, no?

The lovely Cara Nicole doing all kinds of nice things to a Phoenix costume.

No joking.

I don’t know who this guy is, but he’s not taking any crap!

Hallmark General Grievous holiday ornament.



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