SF/Fantasy Debut of the Month | October 15, 2012

starred review starBennett, Christopher. Only Superhuman. Tor. Oct. 2012. c.252p. ISBN 9780765332295. $24.99. SF

Although Earth and its orbiting colonies have banned both genetic and cybernetic modifications, the practices are flourishing in the colonies and habitats of the Asteroid Belt. Inspired by the costumed superheroes of 20th-century comics, Emerald Blair belongs to a group known as the Troubleshooters whose mission is to prevent the rule of lawlessness and might wherever it might occur. When rival groups of superhumans clash in the field of politics, however, “Emry” becomes a pivotal figure in preventing—or causing—the superhuman war that could forever change the universe. The sf debut and first original novel by the author of Star Trek: The Original Series: Ex Machina and other TV and comics tie-ins has created a world of believable supermen and women set against a complex world of rival factions not unlike those of Renaissance city-states. VERDICT Bennett brings believability to the larger-than-life world of superheroes in a story that should appeal to sf and comics fans alike.