AudioGO Adds Spanish-Language Children’s Audiobooks

AudioGO has partnered with Lorito Books to meet numerous requests to expand its Spanish-language audiobook offerings for children. “This collection is dedicated to building second-language skills through the use of audiobooks and quality children’s Spanish literature,” the publisher said. “We are committed to bilingualism and biculturalism and believe that early exposure will have lifelong benefits. Children are like small parrots (Loritos) learning to speak by repeating the language.”

Audio titles now being offered include Lucia Gonzalez’s The Bossy Gallito/El Gallo de Bodas, Rene Saldana, Jr.’s The Case of the Pen Gone Missing/El Caso de la Pluma Perdida, James Luna’s The Runaway Piggy/El Cochinito Fugitivo, and Con Mi Nariz/With My Nose and other works by Mariana Pellegrino. Many of the titles will be bilingual while others are Spanish only. A full list of offerings is available from AudioGO.

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  1. I agree that repeated listening can bring about memorization by heart because of the repetitive exposure of the same stimulus in the brain. This is one easy way of learning rather than the more tedious and sometimes boring task of reading which some people may despise doing.