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The first publicity images from the new Wolverine flick are surfacing. Even though the initial Wolvie Origins was mediocre, fanboys/girls can’t get enough of Hugh Jackman rocking the claws. Here’s Logan ripped and ready to kick wholesale ass (I know HJ is in unbelievable shape, but those abs look suspiciously shopped):

And another with him looking like a panhandler (although a happy one):


This unusual trailer is stitched together from still pix with no actual film footage.

The film hits theaters next July.

Rowling Never Says Never
Although half the Harry heads out there are grownups, J.K. Rowling officially moved into the adult market with yesterday’s release of The Casual Vacancy, but she’s not completely discounting the possibility of a return to the proven world of wizards and magic. In a recent BBC interview Rowling casually hinted that while “Where Harry is concerned I’m done,” but added that “if I had a fabulous idea that came out of that world—because I loved writing it—I would do it. But I’ve got to have a great idea. I’m very adverse to the prequel/sequel scenario.”

Thanks for the Memories!
Last year I geeked big time over the wonderful book JAWS: Memories from Martha’s Vineyard, which was met with equal excitement by fellow Jawsasauruses everywhere. I had the pleasure of meeting author Matt Taylor at 2011’s New York Comic Con (pic below). He came equipped with one of the famous barrels from the film, which made my day.

The good people at Titan Books have picked up Matt’s tome; releasing an expanded second edition sporting 16 additional pages of text and pix that hit shelves this week (ISBN 9781781163023. pap. $49.99). Between the killer Blu-ray release and this updated book, JAWS fans’ heads might explode like Bruce’s! I have to say that I’m particularly pleased because a quote from my LJ review appears on the back cover—woohoo!!! Man, when I saw that, I was smiling like a son of a bitch (wink, wink!).

The new material is:
p. 58-59 (Ben Garnder—nice shot of the prop severed head)
p. 98-99 (candids fo the cast on location)
p. 124-125 (Orca/Quint’s shack)
p. 160-161 (Bruce)
p. 214-215 (Chrissie, including nice shot of the stunt harness)
p. 260-261 (Quint barrel/Bruce)
p. 270-271 (more Bruce pix/drawings)
p. 280-281 (storyboards/pix Quint’s demise)

Titan has also a solid schedule of book/graphic novel/film-related programming, signings, etc., at the upcoming New York Comic Con (booth 832), which I’ve cut and pasted. Note especially the Joe Simon tribute (there probably won’t be a dry eye in the place). I’ll bet that Stan Lee is among the “surprise guests.”

Friday, October 12, 12:15pm – 1.15pm: Scott Campbell Signing @ Table 4
Friday, October 12 5:15pm – 6:15pm: Joe Simon Tribute Panel @ Room 1A01
Friday, October 12, 7:00pm – 7:45pm: Scott Campbell Panel @ Unbound Stage
Friday, October 12, 7:45pm – 8:45pm: Walt Simonson Panel @ Room 1A08
Sunday, October 5, 11:00am – 12:00pm: Walt Simonson Signing @ Table 5


Friday, October 12, 7-7:45pm, Unbound Stage. Moderated by: Alex Zalben
** SHOW EXCLUSIVE: First time available: Scott Campbell’s The Great Showdowns !
Signing:  Friday, October 12, 12:15pm – 1.15pm

Scott Campbell is a New York native whose art is celebrated around the world.  He is a maker of paintings, illustrations, comics, kid’s books and video games.  Part of the Gallery 1988 phenomenon, people flood galleries to see his work and snap up his wondrous and wondrously fun pieces.  Some of his most notable projects include the Great Showdowns series, Igloo Head and Tree Head series, Double Fine Action Comics, Hickee Comics, the children’s books Zombie In Love and East Dragon, West Dragon.

Here Scott C. talks about his work recreating some of the best and most iconic moments of movie and TV culture from his latest project The Great Showdowns with Titan Books.   With a foreword by Neil Patrick Harris (a fan who owns several originals from the series), The Great Showdowns collects the most memorable moments of melee, interpreted by Scott in his inimitable style, including Chief Brody vs Jaws, Die Hard’s John McClane vs broken glass, Ripley vs the Alien Queen and even Spinal Tap vs an undersized model of Stonehenge.


Friday, October 12, 7:45- 8:45pm, Room 1A08. Moderated by: Andrew Sumner
** SHOW EXCLUSIVE: First time available: Walter Simonson’s Alien The Illustrated Story: Original Art Edition!
Signing: Sunday, October 5, Table 5, 11am – 12pm

Walter Simonson, who lives in New York, is one of the most highly regarded comics creators around, having written, pencilled or inked Batman, The Hulk and Superman, to name but a few!  He was awarded the 2010 Hero Initiative Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2010 Harvey Awards.  Here he discusses his ground-breaking work on the original Alien graphic novel, republished and re-mastered by Titan Books.  Walter reveals how, so early in his career, he came to work with Ridley Scott on one of the most famous films of the 20th Century, and what it was like to work with Archie Goodwin, a legend in the comic industry. Fans also will learn how it became possible to reproduce the original artwork for so seminal a project, more than 30 years later!

JOE SIMON TRIBUTE PANEL—Comic Con commemorates the late comics legend. Friday, October 12 5:15-6:15pm, Room 1A01. Panellists: Stephen Saffel, Paul Levitz, Jim Simon, and more!
Celebrating the life of Joe Simon, co-creator of Captain America, creative partner of Jack Kirby, and the man who hired Stan Lee for his first job.  It’s the day after what would have been his 99th birthday, and we’ll party the way Joe would have liked it!  Steve, Paul, and Jim will be joined by a group of surprise guests, and lucky attendees will be eligible to receive exciting birthday presents—including a copy of Joe’s autobiography, signed by Joe!

JOE SIMON items available at TITAN BOOTH #832: Best of Simon & Kirby; Joe Simon: My Life in Comics; Simon & Kirby Superheroes; Simon & Kirby Crime; Fighting American t-shirts. PLUS—original Simon & Kirby lithograph prints, signed by Joe Simon!

The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine Launches at NYCC
Hotly anticipated first issue of The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine debuts at NYCC with an exclusive cover by The Walking Dead comic artist Charlie Adlard!

The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine debuts on October 23 to coincide with the show’s October 14th Season 3 premiere airing on AMC. The first issue features 100 pages of all the latest news, revelations and tips for fans of the television show, the comic book series, the graphic novels and the entire The Walking Dead universe.

New York Comic Con attendees will be able to purchase a special edition of issue #1 with an exclusive NYCC cover by The Walking Dead comic artist Charlie Adlard, colored by The Walking Dead colorist Cliff Rathburn.

NYCC special edition of The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine available at TITAN BOOTH #832

More NYCC Show Exclusives At Titan Booth #832
Titan Merchandise is back at NYCC, bigger and bolder than ever after a year of faster-than-a-speeding-bullet growth, widespread fan acclaim and killer product launches for Doctor Who, Star Trek, Kick-Ass, Judge Dredd, Hammer Horror, and many more!
We’ll be selling a wide variety of never-before-seen debut tee shirts at Booth 832 and a handful of super-rare NYCC exclusives. Booth 832 is the ONLY place you can buy our NYCC exclusive DOCTOR WHO MAXI-BUSTS (Eleventh Doctor, Tenth Doctor, and Cyberman variants—all exclusive to Comicon). If you want to buy the sweetest CAPTAIN ACTION tee shirt and gifts ever produced, Booth 832 is the place to be! If you want THE coolest limited edition, one-time-only DOCTOR WHO shirt at NYCC, make sure you visit Booth 832 before they all sell out – once they’re gone, they’re gone FOREVER!

DOCTOR WHONYCC limited edition exclusives!
The Eleventh Doctor Maxi-Bust—”Biscuit Hand” variant!
The Tenth Doctor Maxi-Bust—“Sound of Drums” variant
Cyberman Cyber Leader Maxi-Bust

The Fourth Doctor Maxi-Bust
The Weeping Angel Maxi-Bust
David Tennant 10th Doctor Costume T-Shirt

Logo Mug
Logo I.D. Holder
Distressed Logo T-Shirts

Clone Wars Alert!!!!
A reminder to my fellow Star Wars geeks that the fifth season of the Cartoon Network’s gangbusters Star Wars: The Clone Wars starts TOMORROW (9/29) at its new time of 9:30 a.m. I don’t want to get into a big Lucas-bashing session, but I’m not alone in finding this animated series superior to the prequel films. Fans get to know the troopers as people instead of nameless, faceless drones, and the Clone Wars Anakin is a serious battle-hardened badass who plays by his own rules, Jedi code or not. Him you can see becoming Vader, not that whiny bitch in the movies.

Check out the latest trailer:

Happy Birthday, Zacherley!

Lastly, belated birthday greetings to nice guy Mark Hamill, who turned 61 on 9/25. Luke is my Jedi, baby! Got to see Hamill at last year’s New York Comic Con, and he was the class act I’d always hoped he’d be.(see my 2011 NYCC flickr album for loads of pix)

Big birthday wishes also to Zacherley, the Cool Ghoul, who welcomed his 94th year yesterday (9/27)! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Zac several times at ChillerCon and a nicer guy never drew breath. He’s still sharp and funny as hell. I shot this pic at Chiller a few years ago when Zac received their life achievement award.

[For those of you saying “who the hell is Zacherley?,” he was one of the original TV horror hosts. Zac hosted Chiller Theatre in the NY area for years in the 1960s. He also released a couple of albums of horror-novelty songs and some related books. End of history lesson.]

Thanks for stopping by. Have a good weekend. And, as always, get your geek on, baby!

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