Geeky Friday Weekend Update | Raiders Rocks IMAX!

Caught Raiders of the Lost Ark in IMAX this weekend, and it was an unforgettable experience. This movie would have been fun on any screen, but it was simply incredible in the Goliath IMAX format. The audio systems in those theaters also are killer, so the sounds  perfectly accompany the visuals (and god bless sound god Ben Burtt because everything from the creaking of the Hovitos’s bow strings to the assorted gun shots to Indy’s whip cracking to the hum of the Ark, were amazing). John Williams’s standout score also never sounded better—I’m having a geekgasm just thinking about it!

It’s only playing until Sept. 13, so check this link, and if Raiders is playing anywhere in your area, then run don’t walk to see it. If you’re an Indy fan (and who isn’t), then Raiders in IMAX is Christmas and your birthday rolled into one! It’s Indyscribably fun, so don’t miss it!

And don’t forget the Indy marathon of all four films playing this Saturday (9/15) only.

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