More free Lawrence Block ebooks!!!

I received another email heads-up from Larry Block that he’s offer additional freebie ebook titles, which is damn generous of him. I’m passing it along to you with a Ctrl C/Ctrl V so you can see it in his own words:
Meet John Warren Wells. It Won’t Cost You A Penny
“Ah, hello there. As many of you know, I once wrote a series of books on various aspects of human sexual behavior as John Warren Wells. Now, spurred on by the twin goads of Ego and Avarice, and ably assisted by brilliant eFormatter Jaye Manus, I’ve been republishing JWW’s body of work as Kindle Select eBooks. As of this moment, these seven titles are eVailable: EROS & CAPRICORN: a Crosscultural Survey of Sexual Techniques; 3 IS NOT A CROWD: Threesomes, Trios, and Trouples; THE MRS. ROBINSON SYNDROME: Older Women and Younger Men; THE SEX THERAPISTS: What They Can Do and How They Do It; WIDE OPEN: New Modes of Marriage; THE MALE HUSTLER: 7 Midnight Cowboys Tell Their Stories; and TRICKS OF THE TRADE: A Hooker’s Handbook of Sexual Technique. They’re all priced at $4.99 apiece, or may be borrowed at no charge by Amazon Prime members.

An eighth book is JWW’s piece de resistance. It’s DIFFERENT STROKES: How I (Gulp!) Wrote, Directed, and Starred in an X-rated Movie. It defies description, so I won’t even try. And it’s priced a little higher, at $6.99.

But you can get it for free. From this moment on, and for the next several days, Different Strokes will be yours at no cost whatsoever at these sites:,,,,, or Just click on the link, then click on the web page, and Bob’s your uncle.

Oh, go ahead. Do it now, get those clicks in. The rest of this can wait…”

Free ebooks! What’s not to love? Jump on these.

And thanks, Larry!



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