Geeky Friday | Avengers Gag Reel, Expendable Women?, Rocketeer Reboot, Stephen King Audio

The Avengers Blu-ray is only a month away, and producers have leaked this gag reel that will be included in the release. Fun stuff.

Female Expendables?
The popularity of The Expendables series—the second installment raked in a respectable $28 million at its box office debut last weekend—has fueled the notion for a female version with ladies like Sigourney Weaver, Linda Hamilton, and Milla Jovovich in place of antique steroid monsters Stallone and Ahnold (the governator looks like someone let the air out of him these days), etc.

There isn’t a fanboy alive that doesn’t love Sigourney Weaver for kicking wholesale alien ass as Ripley in an Oscar-nominated performance. She’s an equally good action star as any of the over-pumped Expendables leads and a waayy better actor (although, to borrow from Groucho, most of these Social Security-eligible male action heroes have bigger knockers than most of the women at this point). Mix Weaver with the above-mentioned costars and a handful of other women who’ve flexed serious girl muscle in their own films (Uma Thurman, Kate Beckinsale), and with a decent script and director this could be oodles of fun.

Rocketeer Reboot?
Although Disney’s 1991’s film adaptation of Dave Stevens’s The Rocketeer has a devoted fan base, many diehard Stevens heads found it lacking and Disneyized, i.e., morphed into a kid film when adults were the book’s audience. The film initially was supposed to be a series, but it bombed big time. With its über-successful Marvel properties Iron Man, Captain America, and The Avengers geared for more mature audiences storywise while retaining kid-friendly visuals, Disney is talking Rocketeer reboot.

With the advances made in film technology, especially when it comes to flying, a more mature Rocketeer could be a blast. The Marvel films are certainly kid friendly while not really being kid movies. The ’91 Rocketeer’s fans mostly are into it because of the cool costume and props and 20-year-old Jennifer Connelly’s then drool-inducing curves (those are long gone, folks). The film itself is meh. If a reboot isn’t handled like a kiddie matinee and sticks closer to Stevens’s original (meaning put Bettie Page—undies and all—back as Cliff’s girlfriend), then you could have something. If you missed it a few weeks ago, IDW is publishing new Rocketeer stories.

Ghost Face Audio
Earlier this week, I had the distinct pleasure of listening to Stephen King and Stewart O’Nan’s short ghost story, A Face in the Crowd on audio (S & S Audio. 2012. ISBN 9781442359789. $9.99). At roughly an hour, you can enjoy it whole in a single sitting. The duo offer Dean Evers, a New Englander retired to Florida, who, following his wife’s death, free-falls into baseball. Since he can’t get Red Sox games on crappy Florida TV, Dean adopts the Devil Rays as his team. Watching a game one night, Dean swears that sitting in the front row right behind home plate so it’s in the TV shot is his boyhood dentist. The next night, the person in the same seat looks just like another long-dead acquaintance, and so on.

I’ll write a full review for it in an upcoming LJ but wanted to give King’s fans a heads up to buy this or borrow it from their local library. You’ll love it. Jump over there to the publisher’s site and listen to an excerpt read by Craig Wasson.

Happy Birthday Artoo!
Big Geeky Friday birthday wishes to British actor Kenny Baker, the man inside of everyone’s favorite astromech droid R2D2 for all six Star Wars films (the only person to appear in the entire series). He also delivers a fine performance in The Elephant Man. Happy birthday, Kenny.

Lastly, Ray Bradbury would have been 82 this week (8/22). He shares his birthday with Dorothy Parker who celebrated her 119th. She looks pretty good for a bowl of dust.

Can’t top that! Have a great weekend. Get your geek on, baby!



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