Science Fiction/Fantasy Debut of the Month, August 2012

starred review star Bornikova, Phillipa. This Case Is Gonna Kill Me. Tor. Sept. 2012. c.320p. ISBN 9780765333896. $25.99; pap. ISBN 9780765326829. $14.99. FANTASY

Fostered by one of the influential vampire families who, along with other supernaturals, control world governments, finance, and the military, Linnet Ellery is a rising star in a prestigious vampire-run law firm. Despite the male-dominated hierarchy, Linnet seems headed for success and, possibly, admission into the elite world of the immortals—until she finds herself apparently demoted, assigned to marginal cases. When she becomes the victim of random attacks, each time barely escaping serious harm, she realizes that she has attracted the attention of powerful enemies as well as powerful friends. Bornikova presents a world in which lucky humans who cooperate with the supernatural-run “system” can rise to high positions. Her characters, human and supernatural alike, possess complexity and depth, and her heroine is tough and immediately likable. VERDICT Strong storytelling, appealing characters, and an intriguing setting make this urban fantasy series opener likely to have great appeal to the genre’s many fans.