Mystery Shopper, August 2012

Mysterious Galaxy Redondo Beach, CA

Visiting Los Angeles recently, I drove over to the Redondo Beach area to case out Mysterious Galaxy, a year-old satellite of the San Diego–based mother store, which celebrated its 19th birthday this May. What a treat to find this gem just a block from a major shopping hub, sporting a clean and contemporary air with a generously sized parking lot. I liked their tidy neon “Open” sign, critical for drive-happy Los Angeles.

The attractive store is split down the middle with mysteries on the left and speculative fiction on the right, with a well-padded spine of literary fiction and a corner wing devoted to young adult books.

The store features shout-outs for local authors and shelf-talkers with staff recommendations. The author event corner features an attractive slat wall showcasing autographed author event flyers. Knowledgeable staffer Nicole, a historical mystery buff, was happy to hand-sell some of her new favorites (which is why I purchased Oliver Pötzsch’s The Hangman’s Daughter).

LeAnna Herrera, the RB store’s marketing and events manager, told me that the store works with libraries on a regular basis; they often coordinate with Cerritos Public, Redondo Beach Public, and Huntington Beach. As she pointed out, one of the store’s mottoes is “We will go almost anywhere to sell a book.”

Be sure to visit their up-to-the-minute website for reviews, event announcements, and overall attractiveness. Bravo!