Geeky Friday Weekend Update: Marvel Announces Sequel Releases and New Projects at San Diego Comic Con, DC Feels the Superman Love

Marvel Comics took San Diego Comic Con by storm, announcing much anticipated sequels for its popular films as well as plans for bringing additional print properties to the big screen. The comics publisher’s booth was dominated by a gallery of the assorted Iron Man armor, including the new version that will appear in Iron Man 3. For this third outing, Jon Favreau will turn over directing duties to Shane Black, and Rebecca Hall and Guy Pearce will join the cast as Maya Hansen and Aldrich Killian, respectively. Additionally, Ben Kinglsey has been perfectly cast to play Mandarin.

Marvel additionally revealed the titles and release dates for sequels to Thor and Captain America. I’ll let the pix do the talking.

Marvel also wowed the crowd by announcing the addition of Ant-Man and Guardians of the galaxy (with some concept art) to its stable of film properties, as well as a much-needed reboot for The Fantastic Four. Hopefully the FF film will receive the serious treatment enjoyed by Iron Man and company, as most fans would like to erase the memory of the previous craptastic two films based on this book from their minds.

Feeling the Superman Love
DC Comics was pushing The Dark Knight Rises as hard as possible, but there was some Superman love, too, as footage from the upcoming Man of Steel reboot drew applause and, reportedly, even tears from fans. DC, however, will be the ones crying if another Supes tanks at the box office.(There’s a gazillion good Superman story lines out there, how hard is it to sew a few together and make a decent film?)

Keep on Trekkin’‚ on the cheap!
Phasers on stun, boys, because starting today Amazon is offering the boxed Blu-ray set Star Trek Original Motion Picture Collection, which sports Trek 1-6 + The Captains Summit bonus disc on Blu-ray for the sweet price $39.99. More hammy acting and bad plotlines than you can shake a tribble at. Offer good through July 21.


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