Geeky Friday Weekend Update: June Box-Office Record, Spider Pan


On Friday, I bet that Brave would hold the top box-office slot this weekend, but I was wrong, wrong, wrong and would have lost my dough! The Family Guy allure and horny chicks paid off in spades, as the Marky Mark potty-mouthed teddy bear buddy comedy Ted raked in a staggering $54 million to take the lead, with the male-stripper pec fest Magic Mike earning a quite respectable $39M in second place. Brave held a close third, pulling in an additional $34M. That trio’s $127M total makes this the biggest box-office weekend in June on record.

Soulless Spidey
Read the first review of The Amazing Spider-Man this morning and it wasn’t pretty. In a review titled Web of Mediocrity, Critic Rafer Guzman panned the film, saying it lacks the heart of Sam Raimi’s Spidey flix (not surprising) and is a much hyped and ultimately soulless reboot. Yikes!

Toll the Bell
On this day 51 years ago, Hemingway, physically, mentally, and emotionally ruined and no longer able to write, bid the world an explosive adieu. The bulls run in Pamplona this Friday.


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