Geeky Friday the 13th: San Diego Comic Con, Total Recall eReprint, Steampunk TV, Hunger Games Sequels Scheduled, Harrison Ford: Geezer

Happy Friday the 13th for the third and last time this year!

That annual slice of geek heaven on earth known as San Diego Comic Con is in full swing‚ WOOHOO! Sadly, a death occurred at the show earlier in the week when a woman who’d been waiting on line for days in order to get into a Twilight panel was killed by a car after stepping into the street in order not to lose her place when the line was being moved to another location.

So far, the big buzz is surrounding The Hobbit, Iron Man 3, The Walking Dead, Elysium, and a few other properties. Of course, there’s already a Flickr group with pix ranging from Clone Troopers to what appears to be Catwoman battling the Pope (hey, it could happen).

Total Reprint
SDCC gets huge international press, but I’ll post whatever intel comes this way. Following last week’s book-related post comes word that Houghton Mifflin (which also owns The Hobbit) is releasing an ebook reprint (an eprint?) of Philip K. Dick’s Total Recall, (the original short story title was We Can Remember it for You Wholesale) as a tie-in to the remake of the mediocre 1990 Ahnold flik. Houghton’s Michelle Bonanno told LJ that this special edition ebook with movie-tie-in cover in the first of its kind for us, and we’re thrilled to add it to our list of over 20 backlist PKD titles.

In this remake, Colin Farrell takes the lead with the luscious Kate Beckinsale as the bad girl (oh mama!) literally duking it out with the equally yummy Jessica Biel as the good girl (ditto!), which will be the catfight of the century‚ MEOW!

Farrell rocked in the Fright Night remake, and besides their volcanic hotness, both Beckinsale and Biel can act (so can Farrell who’s no ogre in the looks department himself), so this has potential if there’s a decent script (the writing is everything, folks). Michelle said that this film is truer to PKD’s original, which is good news‚ thanks, Michelle!

The trailer looks fun:

The film opens August 3, so get this ebook in your collection pronto!

I Want My Steampunk TV

Alright steampunk heads, drop your linen and start your grinnin’: Sci-fi veteran actor Bruce Boxleitner (Babylon Five, Tron) is executive producing a reportedly steampunk heavy TV series called Lantern City. The theme of the series follows the premise: how far would you go to be with the person you love and what lengths would you go to in order to survive? That’s quite broad, but Boxleitner will provide more details at SDCC this Saturday and on the show’s website afterward, so I’ll try to update this later on.

Hungry for Seconds‚ and Thirds?
Hunger Games fans take note: Catching Fire, the second film in the series, has been scheduled for a November 22, 2013, release. And HG producers are pulling a Harry Potter and breaking the last installation, Mockingjay, into two films. Part 1 is slated to hit screens on Nov. 21, 2014, with the conclusion coming almost exactly a year later on Nov. 20, 2015.

Make it Not So
He’s Deckard, he’s Indy, he’s Solo, and he’s‚Ķold! Big, big, big Geeky Friday birthday wishes to Harrison Ford, who is 70 today (he’s still god). Also, Patrick Stewart turns 72. I didn’t think Stewart was that old, but you can never tell with these bald guys. Enjoy your geezerhood, gents.

Team Bela
If you’re at SDCC (I’m jealous as hell) have the time of your lives. If among the great unwashed like myself, get your geek on any way you can. I’m getting mine on this afternoon at NYC’s last revival house, Film Forum, which launches its celebration of Universal Studios’ 100th anniversary (check out this list of films) with a double feature starring my old friends Boris and Bela in their signature roles as Frankenstein and Dracula.

See ya!

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