Cadillac Surgery is in Order

So the vision in my right eye has been blurry for awhile, and when I told my doctor about it she hustled me off immediately to a specialist, and it turns out I’ve got a cataract in that eye (actually, when I told my sister about this, she noted that she, too, has a cataract, that our other sister had them and had the surgery, and that our mother had them, too. Which goes to show that A. family medical histories can be so very enlightening, and B. that cataracts gallop, rather than run, in my family).

All of which is to say, I’m having cataract surgery tomorrow AM to fix this. I’ve been squinting at my computer screen now for over a week, and am really looking forward to being able to, well, look forward well.

Where does the Cadillac come into it? A friend noted that that’s what her mother calls it, and since that conversation my buds have been referring to my upcoming Cadillac surgery. It does make it sound kinda tony, huh?

See you all when I get back, and I’ll probably see you much better!

More as it happens, unblurrily,

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