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Larry Block emailed me yesterday with the following information regarding another freebie Kindle download. With a free app, you can also read the story on a PC, Droid, or other resource as listed below:

“Starting in a matter of hours, at 3am Eastern time on Saturday, June 30, you can download my short story, “Welcome to the Real World”, absolutely free.

The story’s one that was written too recently for inclusion in Enough Rope, my omnibus collection. It’s a golf story, and its sole appearance in print was in Otto Penzler’s golf anthology, Murder in the Rough. It’s one of the dozen Stories From the Dark Side I recently enrolled in Amazon’s Kindle Select program, and that means I get to give it away.

So that’s what I’m doing. This is not sheer altruism on my part; it’s my wistful hope that you’ll like the story enough to sample some of its dark-side fellows. But I won’t feel betrayed if you don’t. What I’m aiming at right now is the highest possible number of free downloads while the deal lasts. So spread the word!

The story’s free for three 24-hour days, and the window doesn’t slam shut until 2:59am Eastern time, Tuesday, July 2. It’s a Kindle exclusive, but you don’t need to be a Kindle owner in order to take advantage of it. A free Kindle app, readily available from Amazon, will enable you to read Kindle books on your Mac or PC, iPhone or iPad or Android, and almost anything else. (And at least two enterprising fellows figured out how to read Kindle-only books on a Nook; scroll through the comments that follow this recent post. While you’re at it, you’ll see the full list of Stories From the Dark Side.)

I should add that the offer’s good worldwide. Here are links to Amazon’s overseas sites: UK and Commonwealth France Germany Italy Spain.”

Thanks, Larry! Damned nice of you.

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