Geeky Friday: Weekend Update! Brave’s Box Office Bonanza, Dead from Anaheim: It’s Disney on Ice!

It wasn’t much of a stretch to predict that Pixar’s Brave both would upset Madagascar III as the reigning weekend box-office champ and stomp all over Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Brave brought in close to $67 million domestically with an additional $13.5M internationally, while Abe generated only $16.5 million in sales to Americans to finish in third place behind M III ($20.2M). It seems the populace by far would rather see a Scottish girl shoot arrows than Honest Abe splitting vampire skulls with his trusty axe. Oh well, that’s why god invented Netflix.

I’m sure some of you librarian readers spent time this weekend following the news, if you could call it that, coming from ALA Annual in thrill-a-minute Anaheim. I like looking at pictures, but hardly anyone was posting any from the event, so I whipped up one of my own. If you’re feeling left out, here’s a little something that I hope will pick you up and make you feel closer to the Anaheim experience‚ I give you Walt Disney on ice!

Do you know how Walt Disney died? Someone slipped him a Mickey! Don’t you feel better now? Me neither.

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