Geeky Friday: Paramount Announces Complete Indiana Jones Collection Blu-ray Release Date


A quickie update: Paramount yesterday finally announced the date for the release of Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures on Blu-ray‚ the five-disc boxed set will debut September 18! If you want to pre-order, Amazon has the set for $75, which isn’t bad. Still no word on whether the films will be available individually. Fingers crossed.

Weekend Warriors
Bidding for box office dominance this weekend are the male-stripper pec fest Magic Mike and the Marky Mark potty-mouthed teddy bear buddy comedy Ted, both of which remarkably received decent reviews (whodathunkit!). Ted has the Family Guy audience allure and Magic Mike will draw a lot of horny chicks, but my money is on Brave to hold first place until the Spidey reboot hits theaters next Tuesday and blows everything else out of the water.

We’ll see. Stay cool and have a good weekend. Get your geek on!

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