That’s All I Needed: Facebook Hiding Messages from Me

So I’m noodling around online this evening, and I come across: How To Find Facebook Messages That Facebook Is Hiding From You on Business Insider, about Facebook’s aggressive spam filter, and I’m thinking, Facebook hides messages? and I go into my Facebook account (which I check maybe once a month) and follow the instructions in the above link, and by gum I find nine messages Facebook had hidden from me, those sneaky #$!!@#!s! Of course, I only would have wanted to see one of those messages, but it’s always good to find something to feed one’s innate paranoia.

Speaking of which, and of how little I use Facebook, while on trying to find out what Facebook had done to me most recently, I was unnerved by a ding! and a pop-up chat message from my friend David Hirsch in L.A. (I was mostly startled that David was actually in L.A., since he travels the world collecting Middle Eastern materials for the UCLA library ‚ in fact, his Facebook page profile picture is of him being kissed by two camels ‚ I’m not making this up). Usually I’m in and out of Facebook so fast no one has the chance to catch me there. I had a nice chat with David (see picture at right of him in the Timbuktu airport), who just returned from Iraq, but I’m puzzled by why folks are on Facebook so much — I’m living offline more and more and loving it. So much of my professional life is spent online that I enjoy the privilege of not being in front of a computer in my down time. And I now have a rescued border collie puppy who, in addition to the rescued cats, keeps me very, very busy. Keeps me from obsessing about those hidden Facebook messages, for instance.

More as it happens, and a big Hi! to David (who may finally take a look at my blog),

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