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Last summer, science in the developing world got a boost from Summon, ProQuest’s discovery service, when Research4Life, a resource offering 8,100 peer-reviewed international scientific journals, books, and databases became searchable using that service. This week, they’ve benefited again by the addition of more than 7000 Elsevier works to Research4Life, including Elsevier’s entire SciVerse ScienceDirect ebook collection. (Notwithstanding this announcement, an Elsevier editor has quit because of what he sees as STEM publisher’s lack of commitment to helping developing world scientists.)

Gale, part of Cengage Learning, has announced a partnership with Wolper Information Services to distribute Gale’s databases and print reference works to special libraries, such as those in companies, healthcare facilities, and government agencies. In other news, Gale has recently announced some new historical offerings: its new Nineteenth Century Online Collection (NCCO) gathers resources from 150 worldwide libraries and archives, and in the process helped to preserve many of their items. See the June 1 issue of LJ for an essay by Gale Associate Publisher Ray Abruzzi, who explains the impetus for the product and how it was developed, as well as an ereview of the product by Cheryl LaGuardia.

Library marketing 101
These and other reference materials won’t leave the shelves by themselves, of course. If you need help marketing your reference materials, whether they’re print or digital, join me and some esteemed guests on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 at 1PM EST for a webcast on Marketing What You Bought. The other members of the panel are Christine Sharbrough, a librarian at Derry Public Library in New Hampshire; Sara Groves, marketing and communications coordinator at Montana State Library; Maria Ziemer, Manager, Graduate Education Program, ProQuest; Rolf A. Janke, Founder and Vice President, Sage Reference; Nader Qaimari ‚ Senior Vice President, Marketing, Gale Cengage Learning; Stephen Rhind-Tutt, president and founder, Alexander Street Press; and Scott Bernier, vice president of marketing, EBCSO Publishing.

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