It’s Clobberin’ Time for Harry Potter: Avengers Hulk Out for $200M Opening-Weekend Box-Office Record!

As predicted several weeks ago (ahem), it was clobberin’ time at the box office this weekend, as The Avengers set a new record of $200.3 million, knocking Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows out of first place as the opening-weekend champ. Iron-Man, Cap, Thor, Hulk, and friends trampled Potter‘s remarkable $169.2 million debut by $31.1 million. That $200.3 M is only the domestic take: the film opened overseas a week ago and already has garnered $440.5 million outside the U.S. for a $660 million worldwide total in a week! That don’t suck.

So, for the gazillions who saw it over the weekend, how much did The Avengers rock? The writing was terrific, all the characters got screen time and their own piece of the action, there were great bits of humor, and no good-guy flik is worth a damn without an equally juicy villain and Loki was wonderfully evil (big thumbs up to actor Tom Hiddleston). Director Joss Whedon knocked it out of the park. Beautifully done, sir.

The Marvel people must be walking on clouds, especially since a little more than a decade ago the comics’ publisher was this close to going under. They were firing people in droves and it looked like the end. Then X-Men hit the big screen and it’s been skyrocketing since.

If you haven’t seen the film yet, listen up: there are two additional scenes embedded in the end credits, so don’t’ leave until the house lights come on!

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  1. Chris Ryan says:

    Mr. Rogers,

    Great review for a great movie. I have been fantasizing about a film like this for 40 years, since I first discovered The Avengers on an old fashioned metal “Hey Kids! Comics!” rack at age 10. Bravo to all, especially Joss Whedon.

  2. Incogneato says:

    I don’t think your prediction was that much of a “prophecy.” You don’t think anyone else seeing the Avengers SMASHING the other movies out?

  3. Mike Rogers says:

    Well, pal, there are solid openings, and, yes, everyone knew this film would have one, but then there’s something like this, which is off the charts.